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Notable Kansans

Happy Kansas Day!

Kansas became the 34th state on January 29, 1861.  Today January 29th is known as Kansas Day, and it is a great time to study notable Kansans.

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Resources to Explore

  • Cool Things Podcast - get an insider's perspective through the stories related to interesting artifacts chosen by curators at the Kansas Museum of History
  • Kansapedia - online encyclopedia containing thousands of Kansas related topics
  • Kansas Memory — digital archives of primary sources in the Kansas Historical Society collections
  • A Vote for Susanna: First Woman Mayor - This book tells the story of the nation's first female mayor in a story primary and intermediate students can understand. (available for purchase through the online Museum Store)
  • Which Hat Will You Wear Today, Cyrus - This children's book depicts Cyrus K. Holliday's journey of becoming a founder and mayor, military general, and entrepreneur and railroader, thanks to his willingness to wear many different hats. (available for purchase through the Museum Store Online)

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