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Order Read Kansas!

Read Kansas! H-4These attractive, grade appropriate materials are available at a very low price. Although you can make your own pdf copies of each of the cards and lessons by selecting each card's image or the lesson plan link, you will probably prefer to order your own high quality color sets.

  • Order through Museum Store online, sort by Brand A to Z to see lessons in primary, intermediate, middle, and high order
  • Print the order form (PDF) and fax (785-272-8682), phone, or mail 
  • Credit cards and purchase orders are accepted
  • Individual copies of many Read Kansas! lessons are available at various historic sites


Special discount!

Order 10 copies of any one lesson and receive 40 percent off your entire Read Kansas! order.  This cannot be done online.  You can place your order on the printed order form and fax (785-272-8682) or mail to Read Kansas! Cards, Kansas Historical Society, 6425 SW 6th Avenue, Topeka KS 66615-1099.  If you prefer to order by phone, contact ext. 431.