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Find information, policies, and contact information related to the Kansas State Capitol.

To submit a request to host an event in the Capitol Visitor Center, please review the information and complete the application.

To submit a request to host an event in the Capitol Complex, please complete this application.

To submit a request to reserve a committee on the five floors of the Capitol, or open space on third, fourth, or fifth floor, please communicate via email to Tom Day, Legislative Administrative Services. The request should include the name of the group, date, time period, purpose for the room use, and approximate number of attendees. Requests from a non-state agencies require a legislative sponsor.

75-2269. Authorizes the Capitol preservation committee to be responsible

  1. approve all proposals for renovation of all areas of the state capitol, the capitol's visitor center and the grounds surrounding the state capitol to insure that the historical beauty of the areas are preserved;
  2. preserve the proper decor of such areas;
  3. assure that any art or artistic displays are historically accurate and have historic significance;
  4. the location and types of temporary displays and revolving displays in the state capitol including the visitor center; and
  5. oversee the reconfiguration or redecoration of committee rooms within the statehouse.

    Implementation of the recommendations of the committee shall be the responsibility of the division of legislative administrative services.

    (d) Any permanent displays or monuments proposed to be located on the state capitol grounds must be approved by the committee and authorized by the passage of a bill of the state legislature.

If you are interested in requesting approval of commissioned or donated exhibits or artwork for permanent display, please complete this form.

If you are interested in requesting approval of architectural modifications, please complete this form.