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R. E. French Family Foundation

Roy FrenchAn improvement grant of nearly $12,000 from the R. E. French Family Educational Foundation of Gridley will benefit schoolchildren and visitors to the Kansas Museum of History and the State Archives for years to come. The grant made it possible for the Historical Society to purchase digital camera equipment, projectors, interactive white boards with slates, and a touch screen. The purchase of this equipment would have been impossible without the educational grant.

The digital camera will enable visitors to the State Archives to copy microfilm. The projectors will allow school children to view media-rich presentations. Classes that participate in specific education tours at the museum will use the interactive boards with slates as part of their experience. Visitors to the museum will learn by doing through the use of the 52-inch touch screen to manipulate images.

Sarah Grimm, a trustee for the French Family foundation said that the Historical Society’s programs match its funding goals. “We are always happy to be helpful for educational endeavors,” Grimm said.

Roy E. French was an oilman and philanthropist who loved dog breeding and set up the foundation in 1981. Additional funding came in his bequest. The foundation provides renewable scholarships to many Kansas high school graduates. See a biography of French written by the Honorable James K. Logan for his 2009 Kansas Historical Foundation President’s Address.