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Read Kansas! Intermediate - I-02 Kansas Land

The focus of this fourth grade lesson is the physical geography of Kansas. Students will read three Read Kansas! cards, one on eastern Kansas, one on western Kansas, and one on understanding elevation. The students will study text features to locate content information. The lesson is designed to take two class periods, but can be adjusted to meet individual classroom needs.


I-02 Eastern Kansas














I - 2  Kansas Land













To view a PDF of the front and back, click on the card.

Kansas History, Government and Social Studies Standards:

Standard #5: Relationships among people, places, ideas, and environments are dynamic.

  • 5.1: The student will recognize and evaluate dynamic relationships that impact lives in communities, states, and nations.

Kansas College and Career Ready Standards:

  • RI. 4.5: The student describes the overall structure of events, ideas, concepts, or information in a text or part of a text.

Lesson plan

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