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Read Kansas!

Are you looking for dynamic materials to teach reading and writing?

Kansas: The 34th State Read Kansas I-10

Read Kansas!, our award winning curriculum, offers ready-to-use materials for you and your students. These lessons help students build reading skills as they learn about their state. Each lesson is designed to use informative text to develop critical thinking skills. The inclusion of primary source materials helps students learn to source materials, see multiple perspectives, and interpret complex text. The lessons contain attractive student materials and a complete lesson plan, including the assessment.

Most of these lessons were developed using the Kansas Social Studies standards of 2004 and the earlier version of Kansas Language Arts standards. The printed or PDF version of the original lesson plan includes those standards. A correlation between the new Kansas College and Career Ready Standards (KCCRS) and the 2013 Kansas History, Government, and Social Studies Standards is included within each lesson.

Primary - 18 lessons for kindergarten through third grade; Spanish translation also available

Intermediate - 12 lessons based on fourth grade Kansas history standards, suitable for other grade levels

Middle School - 43 lessons based on seventh grade Kansas history standards, work well for other grade levels where Kansas history is taught, excellent preparation for the Kansas Social Studies Assessment

High School - three lessons with Kansas history embedded into American history

Read Kansas lessons in use

Student works with Read Kansas lesson









The Read Kansas! project was created by the Kansas Historical Society in cooperation with the Kansas State Department of Education and the Kansas Health Foundation.