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Recent Additions - May 1935

Compiled by Helen M. McFarland

(Vol. 4, No. 2), pages 188 to 214
Transcribed by lhn; additional HTML by Susan Stafford;
digitized with permission of the Kansas Historical Society.

IN ORDER that members of the Kansas Historical Society and others interested in historical study may know the class of books we are receiving, a list is printed annually of the books accessioned in our specialized fields.

These books come to us from three sources, purchase, gift and exchange, and fall into the following classes: books by Kansans and about Kansas; books on the West, including explorations, overland journeys and personal narratives; genealogy and local history; and books on the Indians of North America, United States history and biography.

We receive regularly the publications of many historical societies by exchange, and subscribe to other historical and genealogical publications which are needed in reference work.

The following is a partial list of books which were added to the library from October 1, 1933, to October 1, 1934. Government and state official publications and some books of a general nature are not included. The total number of books accessioned appears in the report of the secretary in the February issue of the Quarterly.


ABILENE, Capitol Removal Convention Committee [Circular Letter]. 188-.
AMERICAN LEGION, KANSAS DEPARTMENT, Goodland Post No. 117, February 16, 1934, Thirteenth Annual Founders' Day Banquet With History of Sherman County in the World War and Review of Goodland Post No. 117, American Legion. [Goodland, Daily News Print] 1934.
The Atchison County Teacher, vols. 1, 2. Garnett, May, 1891-June, 1893. BALDWIN, MRS. SARA A. (MULLIN), AND ROBERT MORTON BALDWIN, eds., Illustriana, Kansas; Biographical Sketches of Kansas Men and Women of Achievement. Hebron, Neb., Illustriana Incorporated, 1933.
BARTHOLOMEW, ELAM, Handbook of the North American Uridinales. 2d ed. Morland, Kan., A. R. Spurrier [pref. 1933].
BEALS, CARLETON, The Crime of Cuba. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott Company [c1933].
BECKER, EDNA, Hugh and Denis; Twelve Tales of Two Boys of the Middle Ages. Caldwell, Idaho, The Caxton Printers, 1934.
BEGLEY, JOHN, The Western Missionary Priest. No impr.
BOISGILBERT, EDMUND, The Golden Battle; or the Story of Ephraim Benezet of Kansas. New York, D. D. Merrill Company, 1892.



BOLLIG RICHARD JOSEPH, History of Catholic Education in Kansas, 1886-1982. Washington, D. C., Catholic University of America, 1933.
BOWLES, ELIHU, In a Sod-House. [Emporia, author, c1897.]
CALLISON, JOHN J., Bill Jones of Paradise Valley, Oklahoma; His Life and Adventures for Over Forty Years in the Great Southwest. M. A. Donohue & Company, c1914.]
CARTERET, JOHN DUNLOE A Fortune Hunter: or, The Old Stone Corral. A Tale of the Santa Fe Trail. Cincinnati, Printed for the author, 1888.
CLENDENIN, MRS. ANGELA (AARON), Altar and Sanctuary, an Exposition of the Externals of the Mass. Wichita, Catholic Action Committee of Women, c1932. (The Catholic Action Series of Study Club Textbooks, vol. 1, No. 1.)
COLAW, JOSHUA A., The Beacon Light; or, Illuminated Odd Fellowship. 7th ed. Cherryvale, J. A. Colaw, 1914.
COLLINS, DENNIS, The Indians' Last Fight; or, The Dull Knife Raid. [Girard, Press of the Appeal to Reason] n. d.
CRAVEN, THOMAS, Modern Art; the Men, the Movements, the Meaning. New York, Simon and Schuster, 1934.
CRAWFORD, NELSON ANTRIM, Cats, Holy and Profane. (Reprinted from The Psychoanalytic Review, vol. 21, No. 2, April, 1934.)
DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, Newton Chapter, Year Book, 1934- 1935. No impr.
DILLON, JOHN FORREST, comp., Pacific Railroad Laws, Including Charters and Acts of Congress, Relating to or Affecting the Union Pacific Railroad, the Kansas Pacific Railway, the Denver Pacific Railroad, the Northern Pacific Railroad, the Atlantic & Pacific Railroad, and the Texas & Pacific Railroad. [New York] Printed for the Union Pacific Railway Company [E. C. Miles, Publisher and Printer], 1890.
DOUGLAS, STEPHEN ARNOLD, Speech in the Senate of the United States, February 28, 1859 . . . In Opposition to the Passage of a Code of Laws by Congress to Protect Slavery in the Territories . . . Washington, Lemuel Towers, 1859.
EDWARDS, JOHN A., In the Western Tongue. Wichita, McCormick-Armstrong Press [c1920].
ELLSWORTH & PACIFIC RAILROAD, Some Facts and Information as to the Routes of the Ellsworth & Pacific Railroad, and the Country Through Which It Would Pass; Together With a Review of Reports and Surveys Made of the Region West of Kansas; Also, a Memorial to the Congress of United States by the Citizens of Ellsworth, Kansas, in Relation to a Change of Route of the Union Pacific R. R.. E. D. Leavenworth, Bulletin Office [1868].
FELLOW, HENRY COFFIN, Maumewa; an Indian Lyric of the Ozarks. [Wichita, Tilma Printing Company, c1930.]
--- Odes of Brotherhood. Wichita [c1923].
FETZER, HULDA, Poems. Independence, Author, 1907.
FIGGINS, J. D., The Bison of the Western Area of the Mississippi Basin. (Proceedings of the Colorado Museum of Natural History, vol. 12, No. 4.) [Chicago]


FISH, WILLIS ALFRED, Rambling Rhymes. Cawker City, Cawker City Ledger, c1932.
FOLGER, ANTHONY, AND Roy H. HALL, Development of the Oil and Gas Resources of Kansas in 1928, 1929. Part 2, . . . in 1930. Topeka, Kansas State Printing Plant, 1933. (State Geological Survey of Kansas, Mineral Resources Circular u.)
FORSYTH, GEORGE ALEXANDER, The Story of the Soldier. New York, D. Appleton & Company, 1900.
GAGLIARDO, DOMENICO, The Kansas Industrial Welfare Act. (University of Kansas, Studies in Business, No. 15.)
--- Labor Legislation in Kansas. Private edition distributed by the University of Chicago Libraries. Reprinted from Studies in Business, No. 14, May, 1931.
GANN, MRS. DOLLY (CURTIS), Dolly Gann's Book. Garden City, N. Y., Doubleday, Doran & Company, 1933.
GARDEN CITY INDUSTRIAL CLUB, Garden City and Finney County, Kansas. N. p., September, 1907.
GATES, FRANK CALEB, Wild Flowers in Kansas. Topeka, Kansas State Printing Plant, 1933. (Report of the Kansas State Board of Agriculture for the Quarter Ending December, 1932, No. 204.)
[Gomer T. Davies] A Golden Mile, 1883-1938. Concordia, The Kansan, 1933.
GUILD, FREDERICK HOWLAND, AND CLYDE A. SNIDER, Legislative Procedure in Kansas. Lawrence, University of Kansas, Bureau of Governmental Research and Service, 1930. GUNKEL, HERMANN, The Legends of Genesis . translated by W. H. Carruth. Chicago, Open Court Publishing Company, 1901.
GUYER, ULYSSES S., Centenary of John James Ingalls. Speech in the House of Representatives January 29, 1934. [Washington, Government Printing Office, 1934.]
HARDY, ED, A Pioneer's Recollections of Ottawa County. No impr.
HARVEY, FRED, Wichita. Wichita, Author, 1914.
HERB, HORACE D., Harvey Vonore; or, The Making of a Minister, a Story of Old Lecompton and Early Kansas. [Fort Myers, Fla., Geddes Printing Company, c1934.]
HEYWOOD, STELLA MAY, AND LUCILLE OSBORN RUST, Planning and Equipping Home Economics Rooms in Kansas High Schools. Topeka, Kansas State Printing Plant, 1930.
HINKLE, THOMAS CLARK, Silver, the Story of a Wild Horse. New York, William Morrow & Company, 1934. HOLCOMB, KENNETH MORTON, Pioneers, Temporal and Spiritual. Wichita [Printed for the author by Franklin Printery], 1934.
HORNER, HATTIE, Business Exposition; Outlines, Problems, Quiz, Drill. N. p., c1924.
--- , Business Rhetoric; Quiz, Outlines, Problems, Drill to Supplement Any Textbook. N.p. [Carson Press, c1921].


---, Have You Done Your Part? [Denver, Smith-Brooks Press] n, d.
---, The Modern Business Letter; Quiz, Outlines, Problems to Supplement Any Textbook. Rev. ed., n. p. [c1921].
---, A Rocky Mountain Feud. Boston, C. M. Clark Publishing Company [c1910].
---, "Some Reasons for Our Choice." [El Dorado, 1886.]
---, Thoughts Adrift. Boston, Richard G. Badger, 1902.
---, A Word to Women. [Denver, The Union Printing and Publishing Company] n. d.
HYDE, GEORGE E., The Pawnee Indians, Part One, 1500-1680. Denver, John Van Male, 1934. (The Old West Series, No. 4.)
JAMES, JOHN TOWNER, The Benders in Kansas. Wichita, The Kan-Okla Publishing Company [c1913].
JOHNSON, KEITH W., The Survival of the West. (University of Kansas, Hattie Elizabeth Lewis Memorial, No. 14.)
JORDAN, DAVID STARR, AND VERNON L. KELLOGG, Animal Life, a First Book of Zoology. New York, D. Appleton and Company, 1901.
JUSTIN, MARGARET M., AND LUCILE OSBORN RUST, Problems in Home Living. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott Company [c1929].
JUSTIN, MARGARET M., LUCILE OSBORN RUST, AND GLADYS ELLEN VAIL, Foods, an Introductory College Course. Boston, Houghton Mifflin Company [c1933].
KANSAS, College of Agriculture and Applied Science, Department of Industrial Journalism and Printing, Two Arts, Poetry and Printing. Manhattan, Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science, 1934.
KANSAS, SUPREME COURT, Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of the State of Kansas. Vols. 134-136. Topeka, Kansas State Printing Plant, 1932-1933.
[KANSAS CITY BAR ASSOCIATION], A Tribute to Judge John Calvin Pollock by the Bench and Bar. Kansas City, Mo. [Brown-White Company], 1931.
KANSAS EDUCATORS CLUB, The Kansas Educator, Year Book, February 1, 1934. Mimeographed.
KANSAS LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, Topeka, Manual of Kansas Laws. [1931.]
KANSAS STATE MILITIA, Fifth district, General Order No. 4, Council Grove, May 1, 1862.
KINEAR, H. EDGAR, New Hypothesis of Important Ether Phenomena. [Topeka c1921.]
___, The Omniscient and Life. Topeka, Cavanaugh Printing Company N1926].
KING, CHARLES, Starlight Ranch and Other Stories of Army Life on the Frontier. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott Company, 1891.
KISTLER, JOHN J., The Installation and Operation of a Cost-Finding System for Printers. Lawrence, University of Kansas, Department of Journalism, 1934.


LAWRENCE, PLYMOUTH CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, The Nineteen-Twenty Year Book, Containing the By-laws of Plymouth Church; the Pastor's Annual Summary for 1919; the Roll of Members, April, 1920. No impr.
LAWRENCE, YOUNG MEN'S SOCIAL CLUB, A Pure and Simple History of the Rise and Progress of the Young Men's Social Club of Lawrence, Kansas. Lawrence, W. I. Hoadley, 1882.
LEAVENWORTH, LAWRENCE & GALVESTON RAILROAD COMPANY, Report of the Directors; Presented to the Stockholders at the Annual Meeting June 5, 1871. Chicago, Rounds & Kane, 1871.
LOUTHAN, MRS. HATTIE (HORNER), see Horner, Hattie.
MCCORMICK, CALVIN, The Memoir of Miss Eliza McCoy. Dallas, Tex., Author, 1892.
MCCOY, ISAAC, Periodical Account of Baptist Missions Within the Indian Territory, for the Year Ending December 81, 1836. [Shawanoe Baptist Mission, Indian territory, 1837.]
MCDERMOTT, GEORGE T., Three Addresses Delivered by Judge George T. Mc Dermott and Compiled by the Wichita City Library, 1933. Typed.
MCDOWELL, MRS. LILLIE GILLILAND, Stories I Told Louise. Topeka, The Kansas Farmer Company, 1915.
McEACHRON, DUNCAN LENDRUM, Peter McVicar, the "Grand Old Man" of Washburn College. (Washburn College Bulletin, vol. 18, No. 5, Oct. 1933.)
MADDOCK, MRS. J. M., Manhattan and the War. Manhattan, n. d.
MAXWELL, BERTRAM WAYBURN, The Soviet State; a Study of Bolshevik Rule. Topeka, Steves & Wayburn [c1934].
MORRELL, FRANCIS JOSEPH, AND ANGELA A. CLENDENIN, The New and Eternal Testament; an Elementary Study of the Mass, Its Early History and Disciplinary Canons. Wichita, Catholic Action Committee of Women [1933]. (The Catholic Action Series of Study Club Textbooks, vol. 1, No. 2.)
MOSS, MYCROFT G., Preliminary Report on Ground Water Resources of the Shallow Water Basin in Scott and Finney Counties, Kansas. Lawrence, University of Kansas, 1933. Mimeographed. (State Geological Survey of Kansas, Circular 5.)
MUDGE, H. U., Regulation of Railroads, Delivered at Reception and Banquet Given by the Commercial Club of Topeka, Kansas, April 11, 1911. No impr.
NIELSON, N. P., Origin and Nature of Man as Outlined in the Cosmic Philosophy. Topeka, n. d.
NININGER, H. H., AND J. D. FIGGINS, The Excavation of a Meteorite Crater Near Haviland, Kiowa County, Kansas. (Proceedings of the Colorado Museum of Natural History, vol. 12, No. 3.)
NOBLE, R. C., Our Trip to California. Shelbyville, Ill., Our Best Words, 1890.
PENNINGTON, J. E., Recollections. [Typed.] [c1933]
PERIAM, JONATHAN, History of the Origin, Aims and Progress of the Farmers' Movement . . . Cincinnati, E. Hannaford & Company, 1874.
PETERSON, ELMER T., Trumpets West. New York, Sears Publishing Company, [c1934].


POLK'S LAWRENCE CITY DIRECTORY, 1919. Lawrence, R. L. Polk & Company, 1919.
POWELL, CUTHBERT, Twenty Years of Kansas City's Live Stock Trade and Traders. [Kansas City, Pearl Printing Company, 1893.]
QUAYLE, WILLIAM ALFRED, In God's Out-of-Doors. New York, Abingdon Press [c1902].
RANDOLPH, VANCE, From an Ozark Holler; Stories of Ozark Mountain Folks. New York, Vanguard Press [c1933].
RANDOLPH EVANGELICAL MISSION COVENANT CHURCH, Sixtieth Anniversary, 1874-1934,. Mimeographed.
RANKIN, EDWARD PAYSON, JR., The Santa Fe Trail Leads to France; a Narrative of the Battle Service of the 110th Engineers (35th Division) in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. Kansas City, Mo., Dick Richardson Company [c1933].
RENO COUNTY BAR, Hutchinson, Kan. In Memoriam, George A. Vandeveer. Hutchinson, The Times Company, 1908.
RICHARDS, RALPH, Taxed-Taxers and Taxes. [Fort Scott, Kan., November, 1933.]
ROBERTS, ROY, Freedom of News: An Address Delivered at the University of Kansas, May 4, 1934 . . . Lawrence, University of Kansas, Department of Journalism, 1934.
ROGERS, JOHN R., Looking Forward; or, The Story of an American Farm. N. p., Spike Publishing Company, 1898.
RUMBAUGH, JACOB, Reminiscences. [Kansas City, Mo., Franklin Hudson Publishing Company] 1910.
SAINT MARY'S ACADEMY, Leavenworth, Facets; the Story of the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth and of the Activities of the Diamond Jubilee Year, 1983-1934. No impr.
SHARP, WABAUN A. SEWARD, Our Bible, Its Origin and Use. N.p., 1916.
---, "The Pioneer Pottawattamies"; Burial of an Indian Chief, and Other Notes. Reprinted from the Hamburg Reporter, Hamburg, Iowa, 1934. SHELDON, ALVAH, pub., National Republican Rally Rhymes. El Dorado, Walnut Valley Times Print, 1892.
SHELDON, CHARLES MONROE, Edward Blake, College Student. Chicago, Advance Publishing Company, 1900.
SMITH, FREDERICK DUMONT, Washington and the Constitution. Chicago, American Bar Association [1932].
SPRINGFIELD GROUP OF FIRE INSURANCE COMPANIES, [Biography of William H. Lininger]. (Reprint from Hobbies, November, 1933.)
STUMM, EWING, pub., Souvenir of Hutchinson, Kansas. [Hutchinson] Ewing Stumm, 1893.
TEMPLIN, OLIN, Lest We Forget; a Plea for Adequate Memorialization of Our Kansas Pioneers. Read before the Annual Dinner of the Minnesota Kansas Day Club, January 29, 1934. (From Graduate Magazine, February, 1934.)
TILGHMAN, MRS. ZOE A., Outlaw Days; a True History of Early-Day Oklahoma Characters. [Oklahoma City] Harlow Publishing Company, 1926.


TOPEKA, AUDITOR, Annual Report of City Auditor of City of Topeka for the Year Ending December 31, 1983. No. impr.
TOPEKA, NATIONAL BANK, Anniversary, 1868-1928, National Bank of Topeka. No impr.
TOPEKA PRESS CLUB, Frank Pitts MacLennan, March 1, 1855-November 18, 1933. Topeka Press Club, 1934.
TOWNLEY, CHARLES VALENTINE, Other Days. Olathe, Johnson County Democrat, 1930.
[UNITED SPANISH WAR VETERANS, Department of Kansas], Roster of 22d Kansas Volunteer Infantry, 1934. [Topeka, Kansas State Printing Plant, 1934.]
VESTAL, STANLEY, Warpath; the True Story of the Fighting Sioux Told in a Biography of Chief White Bull. Boston, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1934.
WALDO, J. CURTIS, pub., Illustrated Missouri Pacific Gazetteer . . .. New Orleans, Southern Publishing & Photo-Engraving House, 1882.
WARD, MAY WILLIAMS, Leaves; 24 Poems With Mention of Trees by Living Kansas Poets. No impr.
WARREN, MRS. ELLEN MORLAN, White Rock Historical Sketches. (Reprinted from the Superior Express, Superior, Neb., 1933.)
WELLMAN, PAUL L, Death on the Prairie; The Thirty Years' Struggle for the Western Plains. New York, Macmillan Company, 1934.
WELLS, CHARLES KNOX POLK, Life and Adventures of Polk Wells, the Notorious Outlaw . . . written by himself. [Halls, Mo., G. A. Warnica, pref., 1907.]
WELLS, WILLIAM MORRIS, The Deserts' Hidden Wealth; the Life Story of a Man of the American People: Kansas, From Desert to World-Granary. [Los Angeles, c1934.]
WHITE, WILLIAM ALLEN, Fifty Years Before and After; an Address Given at the Sixty-second Annual Commencement of the University of Kansas, June 11, 1934. No. impr.
Wichita City Directory, 1891, 1896, 1913, 1914, 1918, 1923, 1924. 7 vols. Publisher varies.
WILSON, JOHN EDWARD, Soul Salutes. N. p., 1928.
WILSON, JOSEPH, John Davis, the People's Candidate for Congress in the Fifth District. [ Marysville, The People's Advocate] n. d.
WINROD, GERALD BURTON, Christ Within. New York, Fleming H. Revell Company [c1932].
---, Science, Christ and the Bible. Chicago, Fleming H. Revell Company [c1929].
---, Three Modern Evils. Wichita, Defender Publishers [c1932].
WOMAN'S CHRISTIAN TEMPERANCE UNION, Burlingame, The Itinerant's Daughter, a Temperance Story. Burlingame, 1905.
WOMAN'S RELIEF CORPS, Department of Kansas, History of the Department of Kansas Woman's Relief Corps, Auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic, 1884-1934. [Buffalo Blade, 1934.]



ALLEN, WILLIAM ALONZO, Adventures With Indians and Game; or, Twenty Years in the Rocky Mountains. Chicago, A. W. Bowen & Company. 1903.
ARMES, GEORGE A., Ups and Downs of an Army Officer. Washington, 1900.
BELL, JAMES G., A Log of the Texas-California Cattle Trail, 1854. [Austin, Tex., c1932.] Reprinted from the Southwestern Historical Quarterly, 1932.
BENNETT, JAMES, Overland Journey to California; Journal of James Bennett Whose Party Left New Harmony in 1850 and Crossed the Plains and Mountains Until the Golden West Was Reached. New Harmony, Ind., Times Print, 1906.
BRIGGS, LLOYD VERNON, Arizona and New Mexico, 188; California, 1886; Mexico, 1891. Boston, Privately Printed, 1932.
---, California and the West, 1881, and Later. [Boston.] Privately Printed [Wright & Potter Printing Company], 1931.
BRUFFEY, GEORGE A., Eighty-one Years in the Rest. Butte, Mont., Butte Miner Company, 1925.
CARTWRIGHT, DAVID W., Natural History of Western Wild Animals and Guide for Hunters, Trappers, and Sportsmen . . . Also, Narratives of Personal Adventure. 2d ed. Written by Mary F. Bailey. Toledo, Ohio, Blade Printing and Paper Company, 1875.
CROFUTT, GEORGE A., Crofutt's New Overland Tourist and Pacific Coast Guide. Omaha, The Overland Publishing Company, 1882.
DISTURNELL, JOHN, pub., The Western Traveler; Embracing the Canal and Railroad Routes from Albany and Troy, to Buffalo and Niagara Falls. Also, the Steamboat Route from Buffalo to Detroit and Chicago. New York, J. Disturnell, 1844.
ELLISON, ROBERT SPURRIER, Fort Bridger, Wyoming; a Brief History, Comprising Jim Bridger's Old Trading Post, Fort Badger Becomes an Army Post, Fort Bridger as a Frontier Army Post. Casper, Wyo., Historical Landmarks Commission of Wyoming, 1931.
FEATHERSTON HAUGH, GEORGE WILLLIAMS, Excursion Through the Slave States, From Washington on the Potomac to the Frontier of Mexico; With Sketches of Popular Manners and Geological Notices. New York, Harper & Brothers, 1844.
FOREMAN, GRANT, Advancing the Frontier. Norman, University of Oklahoma Press, 1933.
FOSTER, JOHN WELLS, The Mississippi Valley: Its Physical Geography, Including Sketches of the Topography, Botany, Climate, Geology, and Mineral Resources; and of the Progress of Development in Population and Material Wealth. Chicago, S. C. Griggs and Company, 1669.
FULTON, WILLIAM SHIRLEY, Archeological Notes on Texas Canyon, Arizona. New York, Museum of the American Indian, Heye Foundation, 1934.
GATES, CHARLES M., ed., Five Fur Traders of the Northwest; Being the Narrative of Peter Pond and the Diaries of John MacDonell, Archibald N. McLeod, Hugh Faries, and Thomas Connor. [Minneapolis] University of Minnesota Press, 1933.


GILLMOR, FRANCES, AND LOUISA WADE WETHERILL, Traders to the Navajos; the Story of the Wetherills of Kayenta. Boston, Houghton Mifflin Company, 1934.
GREENBURG, DAN W., Sixty Years, a Brief Review. The Cattle Industry in Wyoming; Its Organization and Present Status and Data Concerning the Wyoming Stock Growers Association. 1st ed. Wyoming, Wyoming Stock Growers Association, 1932.
HALL, JAMES, The Romance of Western History; or, Sketches of History, Life, and Manners in the West. Cincinnati, Applegate & Company, 1857.
HOSMER, J. ALLEN, A Trip to the States in 1865. (State University of Montana, Sources of Northwest History, No. 17.)
HULBERT, ARCHER BUTLER, ed., Where Rolls the Oregon; Prophet and Pessimist Look Northwest. [Colorado Springs.] The Stewart Commission of Colorado College; [Denver] Denver Public Library [1933]. (Overland to the Pacific, vol. 3.)
HUMPHREY, SETH K., Following the Prairie Frontier. [Minneapolis] University of Minnesota Press [c1931].
HUNTER, GEORGE, Reminiscences of an Old Timer; A Recital of the Actual Events, Incidents, Trials, Hardships, Vicissitudes, Adventures, Perils, and Escapes of a Pioneer, Hunter, Miner and Scout of the Pacific Northwest. San Francisco, H. S. Crocker and Company, 1887.
ICKES, MRS. ANNA (WILMARTH), Mesa Land; the History and Romance of the American Southwest. Boston, Houghton Mifflin Company [c1933].
JOHNSON, M. L., True History of the Struggles With Hostile Indians on the Frontier of Texas in the Early Days. [Dallas, Tex., 1923.]
KINGIE, MRS. JOHN H., Wau-Bun; the "Early Day" in the Northwest. New York, Derby & Jackson, 1856.
LANGFORD, NATHANIEL PITT, Diary of the Washburn Expedition to the Yellowstone and Firehole Rivers in the Year 1870. St. Paul, J. E. Haynes [c1905].
MASON, RICHARD LEE, Narrative of Richard Lee Mason in the Pioneer West, 1819. New York, Printed for Charles F. Heartman [1915].
MILLS, ANSON, My Story. Washington, Press of Byron S. Adams, 1918.
MOODY, DAN W., The Life of a Rover, 1865 to 1926, Known in Early Western Life as Dan Moody, the Indian Scout . . . [D. W. Moody, c1926.]
MORRIS, ANN AXTELL, Digging in the Southwest. Garden City, N. Y., DoubleDay, Doran & Company, 1933.
MUNSELL, MARION EBENEZER, Flying Sparks as Told by a Pullman Conductor. Kansas City, MG., Tiernan-Dart Printing Company, 1914.
Nelson's Pictorial Guide-Books. Salt Lake City, With a Sketch of the Route of the Union and Central Railroads, From Omaha to Salt Lake City, and From Ogden to San Francisco. New York, T. Nelson and Sons, n. d.
PECK, JOHN MASON, Forty Years of Pioneer Life, Memoir of John Mason Peck, D. D. Edited From His Journals and Correspondence. Philadelphia, American Baptist Publication Society [1864].
PLATT, WARD, The Frontier. New York, Missionary Education Movement of the United States and Canada, 1911.


REMINGTON, FREDERIC, Pony Tracks. New York, Harper & Brothers, 1895.
RICHARDSON, RUPERT NORVAL, The Comanche Barrier to South Plains Settlement; a Century and a Half of Savage Resistance to the Advancing White Frontier. Glendale, Calif., Arthur H. Clark Company, 1933.
---, AND CARL COKE RISTER, The Greater Southwest. Glendale, Calif., Arthur H. Clark, 1934.
RUSSELL, CARL P., A Concise History of Scientists and Scientific Investigations in Yellowstone Park, With a Bibliography of the Results of Research and Travel in the Park Area. No impr.
SKINNER, CONSTANCE LINDSAY, Beaver Kings and Cabins. New York, Macmillan Company, 1933.
STUART, GRANVILLE, Montana As It Is. (State University of Montana, Sources of Northwest History, No. 16.) TAYLOR, JOSEPH HENRY, Kaleidoscopic Lives; a Companion Book to Frontier and Indian Life. 2d ed. Washburn, N. D., Printed and published by the author, 1902.
THORP, JOSEPH, Early Days in the West; Along the Missouri One Hundred Years Ago. [Liberty, Mo., Irving Gilmer, 1924.]
VAUGHN, ROBERT, Then and Now; or, Thirty-six Years in the Rockies: Personal Reminiscences of Some of the First Pioneers of the State of Montana; Indians and Indian Wars . . . Minneapolis, Tribune Printing Company, 1900.
VILLAGRA, GASPAR PEREZ DE, History of New Mexico Translated by Gilberto Espinosa. Los Angeles, Quivira Society, 1933. (Quivira Society Publications, vol. 4.)
Western Land Owner. Washington, D. C., May, 1874-March, 1876, vols. 1, 2.
WILTSEE, ERNEST ABRAM, The Pioneer Miner and the Pack Mule Express. San Francisco, California Historical Society, 1931. (California Historical Society, Special Publication, No. 5.)


ADAMS, JAMES TRUSLOW, The Adams Family. New York, The Literary Guild, 1930.
ALLEN, ETHAN PUTNAM, Invalidation of Municipal Ordinances by the Supreme Court of Iowa. Iowa City, State Historical Society of Iowa, 1933. (Iowa Monograph Series, No. 4.)
ALLEN, WILLIAM, History of Norridgewock [Maine]; Comprising Memorials of the Aboriginal Inhabitants and Jesuit Missionaries, Hardships of the Pioneers, Biographical Notices of the Early Settlers and Ecclesiastical Sketches. Norridgewock, Me., Edward J. Peet, 1849.
ANDREWS, CHARLES M., Connecticut and the British Government. Published for the Tercentenary Commission of the state of Connecticut by the Yale University Press, 1933.
---, The Connecticut Intestacy Law. Published for the Tercentenary Commission of the state of Connecticut by the Yale University Press, 1933.
ARCHIBALD, WARREN SEYMOUR, Thomas Hooker. Published for the Tercentenary Commission of the state of Connecticut by the Yale University Press, 1933.


BACON, OLIVER N., History of Natick, From Its First Settlement in 1651 to the Present Time; With Notices of the First White Families. Boston, Damrell & Moore, 1856.
BANCROFT, J. M., comp., Thomas Bancroft and His Descendants. Chart. No impr.
BARSTOW, GEORGE, History of New Hampshire From Its Discovery in 1614,, to the Passage of the Toleration Act in 1819. 2d ed. Boston, Little & Brown, 1853.
BARTLETT, SAMUEL COLCORD, New Hampshire in the American Revolution. Concord, Ira C. Evans, 1898.
BATCHELDER, CALVIN REDINGTON, History of the Eastern Diocese. Vol. 1. Claremont, N. H., Claremont Manufacturing Company, 1876.
BENTON, EVERETT CHAMBERLIN, A History of Guildhall, Vermont, Waverly, Mass. Author, 1886.
BILL, LEDYARD, History of Paxton, Massachusetts. Worcester, Mass., Putnam, Davis & Company, 1889.
BINGHAM, ROBERT W., Early Buffalo Gunsmiths. Published by Buffalo Historical Society, 1934.
Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Adams, Clay, Hall and Hamilton Counties, Nebraska . . . Chicago, Goodspeed Publishing Company, 1890.
BOYER, MARY G., Arizona in Literature; a Collection of the Best Writings of Arizona Authors From Early Spanish Days to the Present Time. Glendale, Calif., The Arthur H. Clark Company, 1934.
BRADSTREET, HOWARD, The Story of the War With the Pequots, Retold. Published for the Tercentenary Commission of the state of Connecticut by the Yale University Press, 1933.
BRIGGS, LLOYD VERNON, History and Genealogy of the Cabot Family 1675-1927. Boston, Charles E. Goodspeed & Company, 1927.
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