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Trading on the Santa Fe Trail

Traveling Resource Trunk

Grade four

Explore the Santa Fe Trail through a sampling of the goods that traveled between the United States and Mexico in the 1800s.  Manufactured items from the eastern coast of the United States and Europe made up the bulk of the goods traveling to Mexico.  Furs, wool fleeces and woven goods, silver and mules traveled from Mexico for trade in the United States.  Millions of dollars in merchandise traveled this 900 mile international trade route.

Lessons focus on student-centered learning activities tied to the state standards and Common Core English and Language Arts.

The items contained in this trunk make it a great program addition in non-classroom settings.  Youth groups find it useful in meeting badge or project requirements.  The hands-on components lend themselves to discovery center areas in museums and libraries.  The objects in the trunk bring additional meaning to programs in retirement and assisted living centers.

What people are saying about this trunk:

I thought it was great, and the kids were very interested the whole time we worked with the trunk. - 4th grade teacher

Connecting to the Standards

Trunk Manual

Contents of Trunk

Trunk Specifications:

Weight:  49 pounds

Dimensions:  31" x 22" x 16"

Insure for $500 when shipping


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