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Kansas Symbols - Trunk Manual

Teaching Manual

This trunk examines the concept of what a symbol is and then looks closely at the official state symbols of Kansas.  The curriculum is divided into fourteen lessons. Each lesson is complete in itself and does not require information from other lessons in the manual. Thus lessons may be done in any order.  Worksheets, photographs, and other materials needed to teach the lessons are not included in this online version of the manual.


Lesson 1 - Where is Kansas?

  • Students locate Kansas on a map and draw themselves inside the state.

Lesson 2 - What is a Symbol?

  • Take a "symbols" walk.

Lesson 3 - The Game of Kansas Symbols

  • Play a board game.

Lesson 4 - American  Buffalo

  • Read about the buffalo and do a 'felt board' activity.

Lesson 5 - Ornate Box Turtle

  • Read a story about a turtle named Fred and talk about turtles with a turtle puppet.

Lesson 6 - Western Meadowlark

  • Explore similarities and differences in birds and make a paper model of a Western Meadowlark.

Lesson 7 - Honeybee

  • Read about honeybees, and do a honeybee dance.

Lesson 8 - Barred Tiger Salamander

  • Explore the life cycle of an amphibian.

Lesson 9 - Wild Native Sunflower

  • Make a sunflower badge.

Lesson 10 - Cottonwood Tree

  • Read about a Cottonwood grove to discover how a tree can be a timeline of history.

Lesson 11 - State Seal and Flag

  • Learn about the symbolism in our state flag as you assemble a puzzle of it.

Lesson 12 - Harney Silt Loam

  • Make healthy soil.

Lesson 13 - "Home on the Range," "The Kansas March" and "Here's Kansas"

  • Listen to music from Kansas, and make musical instruments.

Lesson 14 - Little Bluestem

  • Measure and compare different grasses.

Lesson 15 - Tylosaurus and Pteranodon

  • Estimate size and measure to check estimate.

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