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Tip 6: Find your family's farm in a Kansas Plat Atlas

Family history tip 6

These steps will help you locate your Kansas family's farm on a Kansas plat atlas, now available on Kansas Memory. Plat atlases can offer insights into the size and location of your family's farm, as well as guide your research to answer other questions like identifying neighbors and locating burials. Follow this example with the Woodruff family in Grant Township, Allen County.














1. Find your family listed in the U.S. Census (1870, 1880, etc.) or Kansas Census (1905, 1915, etc.)

1910 Census Neosho County







2. Make a note of the township, county, and any neighbors

3. Find the list of links to county atlases online kshs.org/13859

4. Go to the scans of the atlas on Kansas Memory, kansasmemory.org Find the township where your family lived in the table of contents and choose the page number from the drop-down menu on the upper left 1906 Neosho County grant township map










6. Locate your family on the map using your census notes.

1906 Neosho County grant township map detailed













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