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Topeka Y.W.C.A.

Manuscript Collection No. 212



The Topeka YWCA collection was donated on April 4, 1988 by the organization’s Executive Director, Joan Wagnon. The collection details the organization’s history from its origins in 1887 through the 1980s.

Initially, the Topeka YWCA mirrored the international organization’s goals and objectives. Its twofold function was to provide affordable accommodations for single women while helping them find employment. As the Young Women’s Christian Association name signifies, these efforts were conducted in a religious environment with members participating in daily Bible study groups. The materials in the collection reflect this Christian emphasis as the organization expanded to serve the Topeka community through children’s clubs, young married women’s groups, and through health and physical fitness training. Evidence of YWCA growth can be found in the organization’s minutes, constitution and by-laws, and reports by the various departments. The objectives of the organization are revealed in the records of various clubs and YWCA publications. There are no restrictions on the use of the collection.

Organizational History

Organized in the home of Mrs. W. F. Parker in November, 1887, the Young Women’s Christian Association was affectionately dubbed the “YW” by the Topeka press. The first president, Mrs. Henry Bennett, was also a co-founder and, according to contemporary opinion, its earliest moving force. In march 1889, the YWCA was located in rooms over Fish’s spice mills at 108 E. 6th Ave. Its first assistance to young, single women in the area included maintaining a list of boarding houses and an employment directory, while offering classes in bookkeeping, stenography, penmanship, physical culture, and dressmaking. As early as 1898 Flo Menninger inaugurated the Menninger Bible Classes as an extension of the YWCA religious education program. These classes, a four year Bible course leading to a “Degree,” continued to be taught in 1989.

After several moves YWCA officers decided they needed permanent quarters and the first building fund campaign was initiated. YWCA members campaigned door-to-door and donor’s names, along with the dollar amount of their contributions, were published in the newspaper. This aggressive determination to provide the best facilities for its Topeka members has been a hallmark of the local organization. With the dedication of a new building at 7th and Van Burin in 1911, the YWCA provided rooms on its own premises for single women. In addition to office space and dormitory rooms, the building had a cafeteria, basement swimming pool, gymnasium, and one meeting room. These kinds of facilities were previously unavailable to young women in Topeka at a time when social custom restricted women from sharing the men’s pool and gymnasium.

The main goal of the YWCA, to provide a clean, Christian environment for young women, prompted the Topeka organization to buy an additional building in 1919. The Eagles Club at 615 Van Buren was converted into bedrooms for working girls. Salary, age, and marital restrictions previously imposed on residents were removed. Service goals were broadened to include girls in grade school and high school. The Sunflower Girls Club and Girl Reserve groups were encouraged to practice Christian principles. The concepts of helping each other and sharing were essential elements of camping trips and other group activities. These clubs participated in drives to donate flour to the hungry in Belgium during World War I. During the Depression the Topeka YWCA opened its cafeteria to needy families.

YWCA programs continued to expand, reaching a broad spectrum of women in the Topeka area. Some used the YWCA as a meeting place while others took advantage of job training programs. For female immigrants arriving in Topeka following the second world war, the YWCA quickly became a second home and was affectionately known as the “Friendly Y.” In addition to being “Americanized” at the YWCA, these women were trained for jobs as housekeepers, maids, and cooks. Many found employment in Topeka’s wealthier homes. Community service groups were also established, including the Y-Wives, later changed toY-Women, and the Young Matrons, which first met in 1934. By 1935 its 350 members were volunteering for other service organizations, including the Salvation Army, Capper’s Crippled Children, and both the State and Veteran’s Hospitals.

For over a century the YWCA’s commitment to helping women encompassed issues such as women’s suffrage, working rights, and family problems. Two groups, the Business Girls League and the Business and Professional Club, were established to assist women trying to advance their careers.

An important feature of the Topeka YWCA was the support it received from all clubs operating within its framework. Every group helped raise money for YWCA building maintenance and to continue YWCA community activities. In 1975 it was determined that a new building was needed. The Topeka community raised one and a half million dollars for the current building at 12th and Jackson. The YWCA further expanded in 1986 when a $1.7 million dollar addition was built adjoining the 1976 structure. The high regard Topeka residents have for the YWCA and its programs is demonstrated by these efforts to improve the facilities.

The Topeka YWCA grew into a center for recreation as well as refuge. From its beginnings providing a safe haven for a small number of women, YWCA programs expanded to serve the needs of the entire community. Included among services offered in1989 were the battered woman’s helter program and the Career Assistance Network. Educational programs consider single parents, displaced homemakers, and personal development. YWCA programs have changed to meet the changing needs of the community. However, the goals of the Topeka YWCA, to help women emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually, have remained constant.

Scope and Content

Records in the collection date from the first meeting of the Topeka YWCA Board of Directors in November 1887 through 1986. The majority of the records are organizational reports. Evidence of the organization’s growth can be found in the minutes of the Board of Director’s meetings, 1887-1973. Gaps in the record exist for short periods from 1907-1911, 1958-1959, and 1965-1966. The Board minutes, along with departmental reports, provide the bulk of the information in the collection. Early gaps in the material are filled by a history of events kept by the organization from 1887 through 1951. Used in combination, these records provide an overview of changes within the YWCA and illustrate the manner in which it grew in importance for Topeka women.

During the YWCA’s first century the role of women in the Topeka community changed dramatically. Researchers of women’s history will find, for example, that the functions of the YWCA changed as the attitudes of women changed toward their role as workers in the larger community. From 1887 to 1916 the YWCA nurtured and provided refuge for single women who were trying to survive financially in a growing industrial economy. Minutes of Director’s meetings describe the goals established by the leadership and the evolution of plans to implement those goals. The minutes also revealing how the YWCA functioned as an organization. Hotel registers provide information on the numbers of women living in YWCA rooms.

The first world war changed the focus of the organization from individuals to the community at large. This change in attitude is reflected in the Departmental Reports of the various clubs. By 1919 social service projects were considered an essential element of each club’s function. This was particularly true during the 1930s when the YWCA’s role expanded from nurturing women to helping entire families survive the economic crisis. Club constitutions describe the goals of groups established within the YWCA framework. Newspaper clippings contained in scrapbooks describe the role played by the YWCA during the depression.

The greatest change in women’s attitudes about their role in the working world came after the turn of the century. YWCA records, particularly files for the Business Girls League and the Business and Professional Club, illustrate the concerns of Topeka’s working women. The jobs for women were essential for those who were widowed, faced with the responsibility of providing a living for themselves and their children. An increase in the number of divorces in the 20th century also focused interest on issues outside the home. Additional concerns included child psychology and improving the emotional environment of a postwar world.

Topeka women used the services of the YWCA to seek out other women for support and help in solving problems. Evidence of this can be found in the various club records and scrapbooks. Departmental Reports and club minutes show how women used YWCA services and how they developed group interests within the larger organization. Statistical data can also be derived from these reports.

The weakest portion of the collection are the numerous scrapbooks of newspaper clippings about the YWCA’s activities which, because of their age, are in fragile condition. Also, the collection does not contain specific information about the women assisted by the YWCA. Despite these shortcomings, the collection provides insights into the birth, growth, and development of an organization created by and for women and a general picture of women in Topeka, their needs, and interests.

Contents List

Series Description

The collection has been arranged in ten series as follows: history; organizational records; correspondence; financial records; 50th Anniversary; activities; publications; songbooks and miscellany; and oversize volumes including treasurer’s books and hotel registers, and scrapbooks. All materials are in their original form with the exception of newspaper articles that have been copies onto acid-free paper. Photographs have been transferred to the photograph department while posters, certificates, buttons, and a bracelet were transferred to the museum.

Series I, History, contains press releases for the national organization. The series also includes a copy of an account of the Topeka Y.W.C.A. prepared for the organization’s 50th anniversary by Annie B. Sweet, along with a listing of historic events.

Series II, Organizational Records, 1887-1974, includes constitutions, by-laws, annual meeting materials, Board of Director’s files, Elector’s Assembly minutes, Executive Director’s reports, General Secretary’s files, and various committee reports. Some Board of Director’s meeting minutes have been bound with Finance Committee Reports. Refer to the folder listing that follows for a complete description of the contents of the collection.

Series III, Correspondence, is arranged by subject and filed chronologically. The series dates from 1921 through 1970. (Letters and telegrams received in connection with the 50th Anniversary celebration are filed with series V, Fiftieth Anniversary.)

Series IV, Financial Records, includes payroll books, oversize treasurer’s and ledger books, audits, bank statements and reports, wills, and contractor’s bids for building projects for the years 1931 through 1986. Oversized material is filed in Series IX, Oversize Bound Volumes.

Series V, YWCA 50th Anniversary, includes tickets, programs, fliers, invitations, newspaper clippings, and a skit performed for the event.

Series VI, Activities files, encompasses the years 1933 through 1978 and includes records of the religion and physical fitness education departments and departments that sponsor the various clubs. Records include reports, minutes, programs, newspaper clippings, and pamphlets.

Series VII through X consist of printed pamphlets, songbooks, and oversized materials. Printed items and songbooks are located in box 8. Oversized volumes are shelved with the collection.

Catalog cards have been prepared for this collection under the following subjects:

Black Women’s Organizations
Butterfield, Hazel-General Secretary (1927-1946)
Children’s Programs
Business Girl’s League
Business and Professional Club
Girl Reserve
Health and Physical Fitness
Menninger Bible Classes
Sunflower Girl’s Club
Women’s Organizations
Young Matrons Club
Young Women’s Christian Association, Topeka

Additional information on the Topeka YWCA is available in the Society’s library. See also, Sara W. Tucker, “The Topeka Y.W.C.A. In an Era of Changing Women’s Lives, 1887-1987.” The Topeka Y.W.C.A.’s Centennial Celebration in Honor of the Women of Topeka Series. Topeka: Kansas Committee for the Humanities, 1987.

Joyce Boswell
Lela Barnes Intern
August, 1989

Box List

    Series I: History
Box 1 Folder 1: National Histories & Organizational Charts, 1948-1956 and undated
  Folder 2: Local Histories, 1887-1936.
  Folder 3: Local Histories, 1887-1951.
    Series II: Organizational Records
  Folder 4: By-Laws, 1916.
    Amendments to By-Laws, 1921, 1924.
    Constitution and By-Laws Adopted 1937 and Revised 1946.
    By-Laws for the Board of Directors, 1952.
  Folder 5: Constitutions and By-Laws of Y.W.C.A. Clubs, 1908-1956 and undated.
  Folder 6: Board Presidents and Executive Directors, Biographical Information,
    1946-1947 and undated.
  Folder 7: Annual Meetings, Miscellaneous materials, 1911-1967.
  Folder 8: Annual Meetings, Miscellaneous materials, 1968-1976.
  Folder 9: Annual Meeting Minutes (typed), 1926-1944, 1948-1964.
  Folder 10: Annual Reports, 1908-1955, scattered.
  Folder 11: Annual Reports, 1957-1990, scattered.
  Folder 12: Board of Directors, Membership Lists, 1887-1973, scattered.
  Folder 13: Board of Directors, Meeting Minutes, November 1887 - December 1890.
  Folder 14: Board of Directors, Meeting Minutes, 1891 - January 8, 1895.
  Folder 15: Board of Directors, Meeting Minutes, February 1895 - November 1896.
  Folder 16: Board of Directors, Meeting Minutes, April 1903 - October 1906.
  Folder 17: Board of Directors, Meeting Minutes, February 1907 - August 1909
    [Minutes for September 1909 - 1911 are bound with General Secretary's
    Reports for 1909-1912, box 2, folder 11].
  Folder 18: Board of Directors, Meeting Minutes, 1912-1917; and
    Finance Committee Reports, 1919-1927.
  Folder 19: Board of Directors, Meeting Minutes, 1918-1927; and
    Finance Committee Reports, 1917-1927.
  Folder 20: Board of Directors, Meeting Minutes, 1928-1931.
  Folder 21: Board of Directors, Meeting Minutes, 1932-1935.
  Folder 22: Board of Directors, Meeting Minutes, 1936-1941;
    Agenda for Meeting of January 8, 1942.
Box 2 Folder 1: Board of Directors, Meeting Minutes, 1942-1944.
  Folder 2: Board of Directors, Meeting Minutes, 1945-1948.
  Folder 3: Board of Directors, Meeting Minutes, 1949-1952.
  Folder 4: Board of Directors, Meeting Minutes, 1953-1955.
  Folder 5: Board of Directors, Meeting Minutes, 1956-1957.
  Folder 6: Board of Directors, Meeting Minutes, 1960-1964.
  Folder 7: Board of Directors, Meeting Minutes, February 1967 - May 1973.
  Folder 8: Board of Directors, Meeting Minutes, May - December 1974.
  Folder 9: Board of Directors, United Way Funds Planning, 1960-1975.
  Folder 10: Board of Directors, Executive Committee Meetings, 1953-1973, scattered.
  Folder 11: Electors Assembly, Minutes, 1952-1963.
  Folder 12: Executive Director, Report, 1949.
  Folder 13: General Secretary, List of General Secretaries, 1889-1954; and
    other lists of Board Presidents and Speakers, 1907-1971 and undated.
  Folder 14: General Secretary, Reports, 1909-1912; and
    Building Committee Reports, 1909-1910 [?]; and
    Board of Directors, Meeting Minutes, September 1909 - 1911.
  Folder 15: General Secretary, Reports, 1926, 1940.
  Folder 16: Committee Reports, Adult Committee and Buildings and
    Grounds Committee, 1966-1969.
  Folder 17: Committee Reports, Secretarial Committee, 1927-1945.
  Folder 18: Committee Reports, Membership Committee, 1950.
  Folder 19: Committee Reports, Sustainer Committee, 1991.
    Series III: Correspondence
  Folder 20: Babcock Legal Case, 1960-1966.
  Folder 21: Board of Directors, 1927-1973, scattered.
  Folder 22: Gifts and Endowments, 1936-1970, scattered.
  Folder 23: Regional Field Staff, 1949-1962, scattered.
  Folder 24: Miscellaneous, 1921-1970, scattered.
    Series IV: Financial Records
  Folder 25: Audits, 1948-1952.
  Folder 26: Audits, 1953-1958.
  Folder 27: Audits, 1959-1963.
  Folder 28: Audits, 1964-1969.
  Folder 29: Babcock vs. Ray Patterson & Topeka Y.W.C.A.,
    court briefs and depositions, 1963-1964.
Box 3 Folder 1: Budgets, Annual, 1910-1947, scattered.
  Folder 2: Building Campaign, 1911.
  Folder 3: Building Committee, Minutes, 1955.
  Folder 4: Building Fund Book, 1909-19[10].
  Folder 5: Building Fund Campaign, 1972-1986.
  Folder 6: Building and Residence Plans, 1903-1926.
  Folder 7: Building and Residence Reports, 1949-1956.
  Folder 8: Building and Residence Reports, 1957 - October 1961.
  Folder 9: Building Valuations, 1932-1949, scattered.
  Folder 10: Community Chest, Budget Summaries, 1949-1951.
  Folder 11: Finance Committee, Meeting Minutes and Treasurer's
    Reports, 1927-1930.
  Folder 12: Finance Committee, Meeting Minutes and Treasurer's
    Reports, 1931-1933.
  Folder 13: Finance Committee, Meeting Minutes and Treasurer's
    Reports, 1934-1935.
  Folder 14: Finance Committee, Meeting Minutes and Treasurer's
    Reports, 1936-1937.
  Folder 15: Finance Committee, Meeting Minutes and Treasurer's
    Reports, 1938-1941.
  Folder 16: Finance Committee, Meeting Minutes and Treasurer's
    Reports, 1942-1943.
  Folder 17: Finance Committee, Meeting Minutes and Treasurer's
    Reports, 1955-1957.
  Folder 18: Financial Development Committee, 1991.
  Folder 19: Fund Raising Campaigns, Lists of Donors, 1941-1943 and undated.
  Folder 20: Gifts, Endowments, and Trusts, 1920-1966.
  Folder 21: Gifts, Endowments, and Trusts, 1968-1973.
  Folder 22: Gifts, Endowments, and Trusts, Investments, 1936-1973.
  Folder 23: Gifts, Endowments, and Trusts, Miscellaneous Receipts,
    1920-1973, scattered.
  Folder 24: Gifts, Endowments, and Trusts, Mount Hope Cemetery, ca. 1907-1929.
Box 4 Folder 1: Gifts, Endowments, and Trusts, Elizabeth Sampson
    Loan Fund, ca. 1914-1958.
  Folder 2: Office Notebook, 1932-1938.
  Folder 3: Payrolls, 1944-1945[?].
  Folder 4: Treasurer's Reports, 1915-1927, scattered.
  Folder 5: Treasurer's Report, 1926.
  Folder 6: Treasurer's Reports, 1937-1938.
  Folder 7: Treasurer's Reports, 1944-1945.
  Folder 8: Treasurer's Report, 1946.
    Series V: Fiftieth Anniversary, 1937
  Folder 9: Programs, Gifts, and Reunions.
  Folder 10: Correspondence.
    Series VI: Activities/Departments
  Folder 11: Centennial Celebration, 1887-1987.
  Folder 12: Departmental Reports, 1919-1927.
  Folder 13: Departmental Reports, 1928-1930.
  Folder 14: Departmental Reports, 1931-1932.
  Folder 15: Departmental Reports, 1932.
  Folder 16: Departmental Reports, 1933-1934.
Box 5 Folder 1: Departmental Reports, 1935.
  Folder 2: Departmental Reports, 1936-1937.
  Folder 3: Departmental Reports, 1944.
  Folder 4: Departmental Reports, 1945-1946.
  Folder 5: Departmental Reports, 1947.
  Folder 6: Departmental Reports, 1948.
  Folder 7: Departmental Reports, miscellaneous, 1910-1952.
  Folder 8: Business Girl's League, Minutes and Reports, 1926-1959.
  Folder 9: Business Girl's League, Programs and Clippings, 1932-1952.
  Folder 10: Business and Professional Club, 1943-1953.
  Folder 11: Business and Professional Club, Special Projects, 1943-1945.
  Folder 12: Business and Professional Club, Girl Reserves, 1913-1942.
  Folder 13: Health Education and Recreation Department, Minutes
    and Reports, 1948.
  Folder 14: Health Education and Recreation Department, Minutes and
    Reports, 1948-1951.
  Folder 15: Health Education and Recreation Department, Minutes and
    Reports, 1949-1953.
  Folder 16: Health Education and Recreation Department, Minutes and
    Reports, 1954-1957.
  Folder 17: Health Education and Recreation Department, Miscellaneous
    Materials, 1915-1977, scattered.
  Folder 18: I.S.S.P. Club, 1903-1912.
  Folder 19: Leadership Luncheons, 1989-1991.
  Folder 20: N.R.A. Campaign, 1933.
  Folder 21: News and Summer Program Brochures, 1937, 1974-1975, and undated.
Box 6 Folder 1: Physical Department, Reports, 1902-1908.
  Folder 2: Physical Department, Reports, 1909-1927.
  Folder 3: Pine Ridge Housing Project, 1963-1965.
  Folder 4: Religious Education Department, 1923-1944 and undated.
  Folder 5: Religious Education Department, Menninger Bible Study,
    1929-1977, scattered.
  Folder 6: Service Department, Reports, 1945-1948.
  Folder 7: Staff Rosters, 1975.
  Folder 8: Sunflower Girls' Club, 1927-1930.
  Folder 9: Sunflower Girls' Club, 1940-1941.
  Folder 10: Topeka Council of Social Agencies, Survey of Health and
    Welfare Services, 1945-1962.
  Folder 11: Y-Teens, Monthly Reports of the Teen Age Department, 1949-1954.
  Folder 12: Y-Teens, Monthly Reports, 1955-1957.
  Folder 13: Y-Women, Constitution and By-Laws, 1950.
  Folder 14: Y-Women, Minutes 1967-1978.
  Folder 15: Y-Women, Financial Records, 1970s.
  Folder 16: Y-Women, Miscellaneous, 1960-1978.
  Folder 17: Young Adult Department, Reports, 1949-1950.
  Folder 18: Young Adult Department, Reports, 1951-1953.
  Folder 19: Young Adult Department, Reports, 1954-1955.
  Folder 20: Young Adult Department, Reports, 1956-1957.
  Folder 21: Young Matrons' Club, 1935-1984, scattered.
  Folder 22: Young Matrons' Club, Meeting Programs and Membership
    Rosters, 1938-1950.
Box 7 Folder 1: Young Matrons' Club, Meeting Programs and Membership
    Rosters, 1950- 1955.
  Folder 2: Young Matrons' Club, Meeting Programs and Membership
    Rosters, 1955-1959.
  Folder 3: Young Matrons' Club, Meeting Programs and Membership
    Rosters, 1959-1963.
  Folder 4: Young Matrons' Club, Meeting Programs and Membership
    Rosters, 1965-1969.
  Folder 5: Young Matrons' Club, Meeting Programs and Membership
    Rosters, 1969-1974.
  Folder 6: Young Matrons' Club, Meeting Programs and Membership
    Rosters, 1974-1984.
    Series VII: Publications
Box 8 Folder 1: Y-Teens, Miscellaneous.
  Folder 2: International Publications, "The Evangel", March 1896.
  Folder 3: National Publications, scattered.
  Folder 4: Miscellaneous Local Publications, scattered.
    Series VIII: Songbooks & Miscellany
  Folder 5: Original Musical Score, "A Mother Goose Extravaganza".
  Folder 6: Songbooks and Choral Music.
  Folder 7: Skits.
  Folder 8: National Anniversary Celebrations.
  Folder 9: Miscellaneous.
  Folder 10: Newspaper Articles.
  Folder 11: Certificates
    Series IX: Oversize Bound Volumes
    Volume 1: Treasurer's Book, November 1900 - April 1904.
    Volume 2: Treasurer's Book, May 1904 - July 1906.
    Volume 3: Treasurer's Book, August 1906 - December 1908.
    Volume 4: Treasurer's Book, January 1909 - January 1912.
    Volume 5: Office Cash Book, January 1911 - February 1912.
    Volume 6: Hotel Register, March 1947 - July 1955.
    Volume 7: Hotel Register, July 1955 - November 1962.
    Volume 8: Cash Ledger, January 1972 - December 1973.
    Volume 9: General Ledger, January 1974 - December 1976.
    Series X: Scrapbooks
    Volume 1: Y-Women, 1952-1969.
    Volume 2: History Book of the Young Matrons' Club, 1942-1943.
    Volume 3: Young Matrons' Toastmistress Club, 1948-1959.
    Volume 4: Young Matrons' Club, 1963-1964.
    Volume 5: Business and Professional Club Special Projects, 1943-1945.
    Volume 6: Y-Residence.
    Volume 7: Health and Physical Education.
    Volume 8: Latin American Young Club, 1946-1948.
    Volume 9: 1889-1892.
    Volume 10: 1890s.
    Volume 11: 1903-1905.
    Volume 12: 1910.
    Volume 13: 1912-1924.
    Volume 14: 1924-1931.
    Volume 15: 1933-1936 (in two parts).
    Volume 16: 1936-1938.
    Volume 17: 1939-1943.
    Volume 18: 1941-1942.
    Volume 19: 1942.
    Volume 20: 1943-1945.
    Volume 21: 1944-1946.
    Volume 22: 1946-1949.
    Volume 23: 1946-1952.
    Volume 24: 1953-1969.
    Volume 25: 1967-1971.
    Volume 26: 1970-1977.
    Volume 27: 1978.
    Volume 28: 1979.
    Volume 29: 1980.
    Volume 30: 1981.
    Volume 31: 1982.
    Volume 32: 1983-1984.
    Volume 33: Frances Smith
    Volume 34: Mildred Jane Kelly

Added Accession, May 11, 1993. Inventory

Centennial Celebration, 1887-1987 see box 4, folder 11.
Girl Reserve Songbook, 1923 see box 5, folder 12.
Young Matrons' Club, Meeting Programs see box 6, folder 22.
and Membership Rosters, 1949-1950  
Young Matrons' Club, Christmas, 1949 see box 6, folder 22.
Young Matrons' Club, Meeting Programs see box 7, folder 1.
and Membership Rosters, 1950-1951  
Young Matron's Club, Music Chorus, 1953-1954 see box 7, folder 1.
Leadership Luncheon, June 7, 1989 see box 5 folder 19.
Leadership Luncheon, June 6, 1990 " " " " .
Leadership Luncheon, June 5, 1991 " " " " .
"The Topeka YWCA's Centennial Celebration on  
Honor of the Women of Topeka, 1887-1987."  
Annual Report, 1983 see box 1, folder 11.
Annual Report, 1985 " " " " .
Annual Report, 1986 " " " " .
Annual Report, 1988 " " " " .
Annual Report, 1990 " " " " .

Sustainer Committee, Minutes of Meetings, June 24, 1991 -- see box 2, folder 19.

Financial Development Committee Minutes, June 17, 1991 -- see box 3, folder 18.

Scrapbook - Frances Smith -- volume 33.
Scrapbook - Mildred Jane Kelly -- volume 34.

  1994 Accession
Box 1 of 4 (21-09-04-01)  
  Program Planning
  Program ideas
  Programs, 1979-1989
Box 2 of 4 (21-09-04-02)  
  Board Minutes (bound volume)
  Manual of Wills and Bequests on Planned Giving
  Deferred Giving
  Planned Giving
  Why Double You?
  Enrollment Sheets
  Membership notebooks
  Membership cards
Box 3 of 4 (21-09-04-03)  
  Latch-key Programs
  Teen Program Proposal
  Wills, Estates, Bequests (see also 15-06-06-04 for
  records of the Mertz Estate)
Box 4 of 4 (21-09-05-01)  
  Contracts, 1972-1981
  Displaced Homemakers Project
  Respite Care
  YWCA Brochures
  Adult Comm.
  I & C Orientation
  Focus Groups, 1987
  Career Assistance Network Grant
  JTCA - RFP & Forms
  KCH Stuff
  Women: Employment Problems, Statistics
  1981 Stat. Report
  Minnow I
  1995 Accession
  Adult Department
  Coalition Volunteers
  Coalition Models
  Coalition File, 1979 (?) - 1981
  YWCA 28th National Convention
  Endowment Minutes
  Displaced Homemaker Program, 1980-1981
  Education Programs, Information & Budget Guidelines, 1985
  Hanging Greens, 1935(?) 1975
  Financial Planning Programs Brochures
  Financial Planning Program Correspondence Received and Sent, 1979(?)-1982
  Gifts, Endowments & Trusts Program Manual, 1979?
  Gifts, Endowments & Trusts Program Manual, n.d.
  Pooled Income Fund Program, 1980(?)
  Program Catalogues, SFW-Sp, 1976-1984
  Program Catalogues, SFW-Sp, 1985-1994
  Mailing lists
  Kansas Woman's Connection Brochure, 1980
  KWC Conference Planning Committee file, 1982
  KWC Correspondence, 1980-1981
  KWC File, 1981
  KWC File, 1981-1982
  KWC Logistics, 1980
  KWC Mailing lists
  KWC Registration, 1980
  KWC Workshops, 1980
  Membership Cards
  undated accession
Section 1 Administrative
  Suggested Bylaws for a YWCA
  Bylaws of the Board of Directors
  Legal Documents; Charters; Legacies; Tax Exemption
  Early Reports to the National Board
  Kansas District YWCA Statistical Reports to the National
  Board, 1929 to 1949.
  Statistical Reports to Nat'l YW, 1950-1964
  Annual Statistical Report, 1949-1972
  Annual Meeting Statistical Report
  Report to the Board by Exec. Dir.
  10 Year Record in Kansas District YWCA; 12 year
  Record in the Kansas District YWCA, 1937-1938
  Narrative Report, 1951-1952 -- 1952-1953
  Exec. Dir. Reports of Area Meetings
  Report (Presidents)
  Quota Records, 1925 thru 1931
  Club Records, 1952-1962
  Club Records, 1962-1978 (spiral notebooks)
  Club Records, 1951-1959
  Club Records, 1978-1981
  Club Records, 1981-1987
  Handbook, Revised Edition
  Association Reviews
  Kansas District Office
  Kansas [otherwise untitled]
  Certification Form (w/National YW)
  Affiliation of Kansas District YWCA with National YWCA
  Girl Reserves
  Kansas Dist. Maps, 1936-1961
  Real Estate Papers
  Secretary's Book -- Board meetings
  " " YWCA District Annual Meetings, 1928-1955
  Board Meetings -- 1935-1948
  Board & Committee Minutes, 1972-1973/1973-1974
  Jr. Board Minutes
  Annual Meeting Minutes
  Board of Trustees
  Board of Director's Minutes
  YWCA PURPOSE, Six Individual Programs Interpreting the,
  Rewording -- The Purpose
  Who we are and what we do.
  Blue & Gold Certificates
  Interpretation (old)
  Fall Conference Program
  Recognition and Awards, Annual Membership Mtg.
  Holdbrook Estate/Sabetha
  The Prairie Schooner
  Kansas (coloring book)
  World Mutual Service Week
  Individual Clubs -- reps to state meeting
  Roll Call for Professional Staff
  Staff -- Contracts
  Employee Earnings Records (old)
  Personnel Committee
  Personnel Committee/Minutes
  Personnel Policies * Office Employees
  Personnel Policies -- Professional Staff
  Executive Director * Job Description
  Job Description of Office Manager
  Catholics -- Protestants
  Who's Who
  Section 2 -- Aging-Silverhaired Legislature
  Section 3 -- Committees
  Committee Reports -- Standards -- Summer conference
  Nominating Committee
  Adult Program Committee
  Interpretation and Support
  Finance Committee/Minutes & Agenda
  Executive, Finance and Task Force Comte
  Inter-Club Council/Minutes & Agenda
  Teen Age Program Committee/Minutes & Agenda
  Nominating Committee/Minutes & Agenda
  Public Affairs Committee/Minutes & Agenda
  Junior Board & I.C.C. 1975-76
  Board & Committee Members -- Directory
  Resolution Committee -- Annual Membership Meeting
  Personnel Committee
  Section 4 -- Financial Papers
  Audit Reports
Section 4 Financial Papers (cont.)
Section 5 Historical Material
  Kansas District -- 10th Anniversary
  " " 50th Anniversary
  " " Historical Sketch
  History Lesson for Y-teens, etc.
  YWCA History and Interpretation
  Historical Material
  Centennial YWCA
  " Publicity Kit.
Section 6 League of Women Voters
  Papers, 1973-1983
  League of Women Voters -- The Topeka Voter
Section 6 League of Women Voters (cont.)
  The Topeka Voter
  The Kansas Voter
  The National Voter
  The Legislative Newsletter
Section 7 Membership Papers
Section 8 Program Booklets
and 16-08-08-03  
Section 9 Young Teen and Young Women Reports
  Kansas District YWCA
16-02-03-02 The Prairie Schooner for Girls, 1927-1937
16-02-03-03 The Prairie Schooner for Girls, 1937-1946
16-02-04-01 The Prairie Schooner for Girls, 1946-1957
16-02-04-02 The Prairie Schooner for Girls, 1957-1977
16-02-04-03 The Prairie Schooner for Girls, 1979-1982
  The Prairie Schooner for Women, 1928-1939
16-02-05-01 The Prairie Schooner for Women, 1940-1952
16-02-05-02 The Prairie Schooner for Women, 1952-1961
16-02-05-03 The Prairie Schooner for Women, 1961-1972
16-02-06-01 The Prairie Schooner for Women, 1972-1982
  The Prairie Schooner for Young Teens, 1973-1975
  Community Week, 1927-1940
  A Year of Junior-Hi Programs and Activities, Number 2
  Triangle Trails, 1934-1936
16-02-06-02 Triangle Trails, 1936-1948
16-02-06-03 Triangle Trails, 1948-1954
  "Boiling Pot"
16-02-07-01 Committed Minutes
  Secretaries' Notebooks
  Miscellaneous notebooks
16-02-07-02 Winter conference Notebook
  Neighborhood Meeting
  Conference I
  Finance I
  Finance II
  Committee Minute Books
16-02-07-03 Finance Records

Added Accession, July 24, 1998
Young Women's Christian Association
Business Girls League

1936-1937 74-03-01-02
1938-1939 74-03-01-02
1943-1944 74-03-02-02
1947-1948 74-03-01-02
1964-1986 74-03-02-02