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Trading on the Santa Fe Trail - Trunk Manual

Lessons and activities in the trunk are directed at a fourth grade audience, although the information and materials included in the trunk can be adapted for use with other ages.


Section 1:  Historical Thinking Activities

  • Lesson 1:  Let's Take a Closer Look - Students begin to develop historical thinking skills by investigating items that are familiar to them.

Section 2:  Walmart on Wheels

  • Lesson 1:  Finding a Family - Students work in small groups to categorize items from the trunk. (page 5, page 6)
  • Lesson 2:  For Sale on the Trail: Examining an Artifact - Students apply what they learned in the "Finding a Family" lesson to conduct a closer investigation of selected items from the trunk. (page 7, page 8)
  • Lesson 3:  Digging Deeper - Students conduct additional research about items in the trunk.  (Digging Deeper worksheet)

Section 3:  Extension Activities

  • Lesson 1:  Reading a Picture - Students read a historic photograph.
  • Additional Ideas

Section 4:  Read Kansas! Lessons

Section 5:  Appendix

  • CD Trading on the Santa Fe Trail
  • Santa Fe Trail Adventures by Dave Webb
  • Kansas Kaleidoscope "Santa Fe Trail" volume 2, number 2, October 1998
  • National Park Service Santa Fe Trail Map


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