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Uses of the Buffalo Traveling Trunk

Second and seventh grade lesson plans included.

Available for use with any age.

It is often said that the buffalo was the general store for the Plains Indians.  It was so important that the lives of those American Indians living on the Great Plains revolved around it.  Their reliance on the buffalo extended far beyond that of food.

Examine items such as a buffalo bladder, parfleche, scapula, and sinew as you ask questions, find answers, and learn the about the buffalo and the Plains Indians.

Lessons in this trunk are designed to correlate with the second grade study of then and now and the seventh grade study of the impact of settlement on the lives of the Plains Indians.

Contents of Trunk

Trunk Specifications

Weight:  25 lbs.
Dimensions: 22" x 16" x 10"
Insure for $500 when shipping

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