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World War I

This finding aid lists state archives materials regarding World War I that are useful for genealogical research. Some archives material has been microfilmed. Most microfilm circulates through interlibrary loan, however, original documents do not. Please refer to the correspondence policy for information on how to request copies of original documents.

Archival materials not on microfilm should be requested on a call slip. The locator numbers can be obtained from the reference staff in the research room.

Applications to enter Camp Taylor training camp. 1918. 1 folder. Contains letters and telegrams.

Burials of Kansas Soldiers in France. 1929. pamphlet. Includes name of cemetery, name of soldier, rank, company, regiment, and division, and grave site. Includes short introductory remarks by Senator Capper. Arranged by cemetery and individual. [May duplicate library material.]

Classification book. 1917-1918. U.S.War Department, Selective Service System. 1 microfilm reel (National Archives microfilm). Classification book for Wyandotte County, Kansas. Includes name, race, serial number, date of mailing questionnaire, date of return of questionnaire, date claim filed by another, classification, date of mailing notice of classification, etc. Arranged by order number. [Microfilm AR 1936]

Draft registration cards. 1917-1918. U.S. War Department, Selective Service System. 2 microfilm reels (National Archives microfilm). Draft registration cards for Wilson, Woodson, and Wyandotte Counties, Kansas. Include name, age, address, date of birth, citizenship, nativity, occupation, employer, dependents, marital status, previous military experience and rank, claim of exemption from draft, and physical description. Arranged by county. These cards are very difficult to read. [Microfilm AR 1937-AR 1938]

Enlistment and discharge records. 1917-1919. 53 boxes; 2 oversize folders. Photostatic copies of enlistment and discharge papers and other documents submitted by individuals applying for a state bonus paid to World War I veterans or their widows or orphans. Include name, rank, physical description, age, character, vocation, nativity, and battles or skirmished. Arranged alphabetically by surname.

Index to National Guard enlistments. 1917. 1 volume. Includes name only. Arranged roughly alphabetically by surname.

Enrollment of veterans. 1930. 43 volumes. Copies of forms used in compiling information about all World War I veterans, widows, and orphans residing in Kansas. Includes name, county and city of residence, rank at discharge, military unit, nature of wound or injury, name and number of American Legion post if a member, date and place of death if deceased, name and address of widow and any orphan children if deceased. Arranged by county and surname. Index available in reference room; index (only) also available on microfilm through interlibrary loan, see list of microfilm below:
# AR 7479 - Aaderson, Clarence S. to Bigler, Earl Smelder
# AR 7480 - Bigot, Walter Daniel to Cornett, John M.
# AR 7481 - Cornett, Robert S. to Forrest, James Alvin
# AR 7482 - Forrester, Harold to Hill, Chas.
# AR 7483 - Hill, Charles to Laird, Jack L.
# AR 7484 - Laird, McKinley Earnest to Miller, Emo
# AR 7485 - Miller, Ernest C. to Porter, Thomas Isaac
# AR 7486 - Porter, William Frazier to Sertland, Forrest Edward
# AR 7487 - Servis, Orville Charles to Tucker, Ernest Edward
# AR 7488 - Tucker, Everett to Zwanziger, Martin

Initial muster rolls, Kansas National Guard. 1917-1918. 1 microfilm reel. Muster rolls of Kansas National Guard unites activated for service during World War I. [Microfilm AR 135]

Kansas Casualties in the World War. 1 volume plus supplements. Lists of casualties from the regular army, national guard, enlisted men, and reserve corps. Includes name, rank, residence, regiment, when enlisted or commissioned, date of death and from what cause, relatives and friends of the deceased. Arranged alphabetically. (Duplicates library material.)

List of commissions issued to Kansas State Guard. ca. 1917. 1 folder. Arranged alphabetically by town.

Muster roll, 1st Kansas Cavalry. ca. 1917. 1 box. Includes name, rank, date of enlistment, and remarks. Arranged by company.

Residents of Kansas whose military service in the Army of the United States was terminated by dishonorable discharge, by desertion, or who were discharged not honorably. 1917-1919. 1 pamphlet. Includes name, residence, date deserted or dishonorably discharged, fraudulent enlistments, alien enemies, etc. Arranged alphabetically by classification. [May duplicate library material.]

Roster, 117th Ammunition Train, Rainbow Division. 1917-1918. 1 folder. Includes name, rank, and residence of officers and enlisted men. Arranged by unit and alphabetically by surname.

Kansas Selective Service inductees. 1917-1918. 13 volumes; 1 box. 2 volumes are also on microfilm reel AR 136. Includes name of draftee, nativity, camp sent to for training, etc. Arranged alphabetically by surname or by county.

State Decennial Census, 1865, 1885-1925. 1,537 volumes on 774 microfilm reels. Records of the Kansas State Board of Agriculture. Population lists compiled every year ending in "5" for the State Board of Agriculture by city and county assessors. Those for 1865 include regiment and company of each individual involved in Civil War military service; those for 1885 through 1925 include discharge status, state where enlisted, company, regiment, branch of service, and name of prison if a prisoner of war. Indexes are available for 1865 and for scattered localities in other years. Arranged by county and city or township.