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Every Kansan’s story contributes to the history of our state. Henry Bloch of Kansas was inspired to share a story about his family. What's your story?

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America's Tax Man

Betty Kohn WollmanJonas Wollman

Wollman Store, Delaware Street, Leavenworth

In 1855, before Kansas was admitted to the Union, my great-grandparents, Jonas and Betty Kohn Wollman, settled in Leavenworth, Kansas. 

It was during this time that Kansas was convulsed by clashes between abolitionists and slavery advocates and Jonas and Betty were known for their anti-slavery views.  Abraham Lincoln visited Leavenworth in 1859 and was entertained for dinner at my great-grandparent’s home.

Jonas became a naturalized citizen in 1858 and built a three-story brick building on Delaware Street where he operated a dry goods store for more than 30 years.