Shawnee Indian Mission State Historic Site

Orientation Video

The 18-minute orientation video, "Crossroads of Culture," was produced especially for Shawnee Indian Mission State Historic Site and can be seen in the Mission's East Building. The video follows the Mission's important role in the development of Johnson County, Kansas. The 1:00 minute opening segment can be viewed in two sizes.

  • Crossroads of Culture, 5.9 MB

  • Crossroads of Culture, 1.9 MB
  • Visiting Shawnee Indian Mission

    3403 West 53rd in Fairway near Kansas City, Kansas


    The site's exciting rehabilitation process continues - the grounds are accessible and although the East building will not have exhibits until spring 2006, the structural work is complete and it offers visitors architectural and historical appeal. Annual events and workshops continue to be held. Please check our calendar of Upcoming Events for specific dates. For information about visiting the site, please call our staff.




    Mailing Address:

    3403 West 53rd
    Fairway KS 66205-2654



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