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Contact Staff Members

Albright, Hunter  Information Education Representative 
Anderson, Ethan  Government Records Archivist 
Anderson, Rick  Historic Preservation - National Register Historian 
Arnold, Robert  Facilities - Grounds Supervisor 
Athon, Bobbie  Director of Communications 
Atwood, Evelyn  Education - Museum Teacher 
Beck, Sharon  Administrative Assistant (a.m.) 
Bouray, Betty  Historic Sites - Site Administrator, Pawnee Indian Museum 
Brennan, Joy  Education - Program Coordinator 
Brentano, Joe  Education - Capitol Visitor Center Coordinator 
Brim, Chrystal  Retail - Capitol Store Associate 
Brooks, Mark  Historic Sites - Site Administrator, Kaw Mission 
Chappell, Matthew  Division Director - Administration 
Chaturvedi, Sherri  Historic Preservation - Database Manager 
Chinn, Jennie  Executive Director, Kansas Historical Society 
Chinn, Jennie  State Historic Preservation Officer 
Christman, Don  Administration - Accountant 
Church, Michael A.  Senior Archivist - Collections 
Coble, Teresa  Acquisitions Archivist 
Cole, Mark  Archives Specialist 
Cole, Mark  Fiscal - Accounts Payable Clerk 
Cole, Nancy  Administration - Accountant 
Conant, Meaghan  Retail - Retail Coordinator 
Crook, Kristina  Historic Sites - Site Administrator, Hollenberg Pony Express Station 
Dannenberg, Craig  IT - System Administrator 
Delay, Mark  Maintenance - Custodial Specialist 
Desmuke, Christine  IT - Database Administrator 
Dick, Jim  Historic Sites - Site Administrator, Mine Creek Battlefield 
Dillman, Carl  Capitol Tour Guide  
Drown, Lynn  Education - Museum Teacher 
Duncan, Rebeccca  Education - Museum Teacher 
Edmondson, Byron  Education - Capitol Tour Guide 
Emenhiser, Bethany  Historic Preservation - Historic Tax Credit Specialist 
Epps, Benjamin  Photographer 
Fiore, Jamee  National Register Coordinator 
Forbes, Susan  Reference Librarian 
Forsberg, Nate  Visual Information Specialist 
Garst, Christine  Archeology - Archeology Lab 
Garwood, Darrell  Processing Archivist 
General Information  Administration 
Gray, Lauren  Head of Reference 
Haldeman, Norma  Fiscal - Facility Rental Assistant 
Hall, Danielle  Reference Assistant 
Haney, Joshua  Reference Assistant 
Harris, Deborah  Land Survey Coordinator 
Harris, LuAnn  Fiscal - Procurement Officer 
Harris, LuAnn  Fiscal - Facility Rental Coordinator 
Henley, Vicky  Executive Director and CEO, Kansas Historical Foundation 
Herr, Lois  Education - Education Coordinator 
Historic Preservation  Cultural Resources 
Hoard, Robert  Archeology - State Archeologist 
Hodge, Norman  Education - Capitol Tour Guide 
Hollaway, Emily  Communications Coordinator 
Hudgens, Susan  Retail - Museum Store Associate 
Jaeger, Janet  Administrative Assistant ( p.m.) 
Johnson, Trae  Retail - Museum Store Associate 
Johnston, Kristen  Historic Preservation - Historic Tax Credit Specialist 
Jones, Lauren  Historic Preservation - Review and Compliance Coordinator 
Keckeisen, Sara  Reference Librarian 
Kerry, Chris  IT - Application Developer 
Keys, Lisa  Digital Assistant 
Klarmann, Nikki  Archeology - Public Outreach 
Knecht, Margaret  Collections Librarian 
Kramer, Caryn  Retail - Administrative Assistant 
Longofono, Marsha  Senior Administrative Assistant 
Love, Jillian  Historic Sites - Historic Sites Supervisor 
Mabrey, Ronnie  Facilities - Custodial Specialist 
Madden, Mary  Division Director - Education and Museum 
Mahoney, Susan  Membership - Director of Operations 
McMillin-Beckman, Rebecca  Education - Curriculum Specialist 
Mohammed, Marty  Education - Capitol Tour Guide 
Moore-Meinzer, Roberta  Education - Museum Teacher 
Morgan, Patty  Administrative Assistant  
Musso, Dianne  Administrative Assistant (a.m.) 
Nicks, Bill  Historic Sites - Site Administrator, Grinter Place 
Oroke, Deacon  Retail - Capitol Store Associate 
Ottens, Cathy  Fiscal - Facility Rental Assistant 
Park, Linda Kunkle  Graphic Designer Senior 
Price, Eldon  Facilities - Maintenance Technician 
Pugh, Christopher  Facilities - Buildings System Maintenance Technician 
Renick, Matt  Museum - Museum Curator 
Research Assistance  State Archives 
Ringler, Katrina  Historic Preservation - Grants Manager 
Rohleder, Megan  Senior Archivist - Public Services 
Rues, Tim  Historic Sites - Site Administrator, Constitution Hall 
Sage, Marvin  Facilities - Grounds Specialist 
Schermerhorn, Jim  Facilities - Custodial Specialist 
Seeger, Ronald  Museum - Assistant Exhibits Director 
Sherman, Wayne  Maintenance - Custodial Specialist 
Skov, Eric  Archeology - Contract Archeology Program 
Smith, Patti  Education - Capitol Tour Guide 
Sommers, Raena J.  Fiscal - Accountant 
Stanley, Christie  Acquisitions Assistant 
Stillings, Cindy  Executive Assistant, Kansas Historical Foundation 
Stillings, Cindy  Executive Assistant, Kansas Historical Society 
Stockman, Ray  Historic Sites - Architect 
Suby, Haley  Digital Archivist 
Tarr, Blair  Museum - Curator, Museum 
Veatch, Matt  Division Director - State Archives 
Waddle, Donna  Retail - Museum Store Associate 
Wade, Darren  Education - Capitol Visitor Center Assistant Coordinator 
Wadsworth, Doug  Facilities - Physical Plant Supervisor 
Waggoner, Tricia  Archeology - Public Outreach 
Wallace, Wade  Development - Development Director 
Webmaster  IT - State Archives 
Weston, Tim  Historic Preservation Office - Archeologist 
Wilk, Ken  Historic Sites - Site Administrator, Red Rocks 
Wood, Steve  Imaging Technician 
Young, Jessica  Communications Specialist 
Younger, Tammy  Historic Sites - Site Administrator, Fort Hays 
Zimmerman , Nikaela  Museum - Registrar 
Zollner, Patrick  Division Director - Cultural Resources