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KSHS Staff Directory -- Administration

Arnold, Robert  Grounds/Custodial Supervisor 
Athon, Bobbie  Director of Communications 
Beavers, Mary  Administrative Assistant (Afternoon) 
Buhler, Laurie  Residence Manager 
Chappell, Matthew  Director - Administration Division 
Cole, Mark  Accountant 
Desmuke, Christine  Database Administrator 
Eicher, Larry  Custodial Specialist 
General Information  Administration 
Harmon, Laura  Administrative Assistant 
Kipp, Brenda  Content Creator 
Kramer, Caryn  Executive Assistant 
Krivenko, Joe  General Maintenance Repair Technician Senior 
Mabrey, Ron  Custodial Specialist 
Pugh, Christopher  Buildings System Maintenance Technician 
Reynoldson, Brenda  Accounting Specialist 
Schawo, Gill  Administrative Assistant (Morning) 
Shoulders, Penny  Custodial Specialist 
Still, Dayton  Custodial Specialist 
Wadsworth, Doug  Physical Plant Supervisor 
Webmaster  Web Applications 
Williams, Lara  Procurement Officer 
Wunder, Ashley  Evaluation and Engagement Manager 
Zollner, Patrick  Executive Director