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KSHS Staff Directory -- Administration

Arnold, Robert  Facilities - Grounds Supervisor 
Athon, Bobbie  Director of Communications 
Beck, Sharon  Administrative Assistant (a.m.) 
Chappell, Matthew  Division Director - Administration 
Chinn, Jennie  Executive Director, Kansas Historical Society 
Cole, Mark  Fiscal - Accounts Payable Clerk 
Dannenberg, Craig  IT - System Administrator 
Delay, Mark  Maintenance - Custodial Specialist 
Desmuke, Christine  IT - Database Administrator 
Fazel, Roberta  Administrative Assistant (p.m.) 
General Information  Administration 
Haldeman, Norma  Fiscal - Facility Rental Assistant 
Harris, LuAnn  Fiscal - Facility Rental Coordinator 
Harris, LuAnn  Fiscal - Procurement Officer 
Hollaway, Emily  Communications Coordinator 
Jaeger, Janet  Administrative Assistant ( p.m.) 
Kerry, Chris  IT - Application Developer 
Mabrey, Ronnie  Facilities - Custodial Specialist 
Musso, Dianne  Administrative Assistant (a.m.) 
Ottens, Cathy  Fiscal - Facility Rental Assistant 
Park, Linda Kunkle  Graphic Designer Senior 
Price, Eldon  Facilities - Maintenance Technician 
Pugh, Christopher  Facilities - Buildings System Maintenance Technician 
Sage, Marvin  Facilities - Grounds Specialist 
Satterthwaite, Lisa  Communications - Intern 
Schermerhorn, Jim  Facilities - Custodial Specialist 
Sherman, Wayne  Maintenance - Custodial Specialist 
Sommers, Raena J.  Fiscal - Accountant 
Stillings, Cindy  Executive Assistant, Kansas Historical Society 
Wadsworth, Doug  Facilities - Physical Plant Supervisor 
Webmaster  IT - State Archives 
Young, Jessica  Communications Specialist