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KSHS Staff Directory -- Cultural Resources

Anderson, Rick  Historic Preservation - National Register Historian 
Bouray, Betty  Historic Sites - Site Administrator, Pawnee Indian Museum 
Brooks, Mark  Historic Sites - Site Administrator, Kaw Mission 
Chinn, Jennie  State Historic Preservation Officer 
Emenhiser, Bethany  Historic Preservation - Historic Tax Credit Specialist 
Garst, Christine  Archeology - Archeology Lab 
Historic Preservation,   Cultural Resources 
Hoard, Robert  Archeology - State Archeologist 
Johnston, Kristen  Historic Preservation - Historic Tax Credit Specialist 
Jones, Lauren  Historic Preservation - Review and Compliance Coordinator 
Klarmann, Nikki  Archeology - Public Outreach 
Longofono, Marsha  Senior Administrative Assistant 
Loughlin, Amanda  Historic Preservation - National Register Coordinator 
Love, Jillian  Historic Sites - Historic Sites Supervisor 
McIlrath, Sherri  Historic Preservation - Database Manager 
Neal, Tami  Historic Sites - Site Administrator, Mine Creek Battlefield 
Nicks, Bill  Historic Sites - Site Administrator, Grinter Place 
Ringler, Katrina  Historic Preservation - Grants Manager 
Rues, Tim  Historic Sites - Site Administrator, Constitution Hall 
Skov, Eric  Archeology - Contract Archeology Program 
Stockman, Ray  Historic Sites - Architect 
Waggoner, Tricia  Archeology - Public Outreach 
Weston, Tim  Historic Preservation Office - Archeologist 
Wilk, Ken  Historic Sites - Site Administrator, Red Rocks 
Younger, Tammy  Historic Sites - Site Administrator, Fort Hays 
Zollner, Patrick  Division Director, Cultural Resources