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Title: Letter
Date: 1830-11-29
Volume: 32 Page: 22 (Microfilm reel MS-99)
Author(s): J. V. Garnier, Justice of the Peace;
Recipient(s): William Clark, S.I.A.St.L.;
Contents: Justice of the Peace (J.V. Garnier for Elisabeth Schultz) To S.I.A.St.L. (William Clark). Contains verification by a justice of the peace that Elisabeth Schultz appeared before him and swore that she was a half breed from the Sac & Fox tribes, and thereby was entitled to a tract of land under the Treaty of 1824.
Description: Copy of letter. 1 p.
Comments: See letter to William Clark from Elisabeth Schultz. (page 21 in original volume)
Title: Letter
Date: 1830-12-02
Volume: 6 Page: 82 (Microfilm reel MS-95)
Author(s): Lawrence Taliaferro, U.S. Ind. Agt., St. Peters;
Recipient(s): William Clark, S.I.A., St. Louis;
Contents: U.S. Ind. Agt., St. Peters (Lawrence Taliaferro) To Genl. Wm. Clark. Has sent estimates for 1831; has informed M. Rolette that request for trading post on Birch river has been refused; discusses status of half-breed B. Codette murdered by Sioux; Indians are generally quiet and are having good hunts.
Description: Copy of letter. 2p.

Title: Petition of a half-breed claiming land
Date: 1831-01-27
Volume: 32 Page: 23 (Microfilm reel MS-99)
Author(s): Marguerite Sarante; Xavier Digal (att. J. Garnier, J.P.);
Recipient(s): William Clark, S.I.A.St.L.;
Contents: Marguerite Sarante To Genl. Wm. Clark, S.I.A.St.L. Contains her own petition as a half breed of the Sac nation for a share of land allocated to half breeds of the Sac & Fox nations; Includes depositions from Xavier Digal, who knew Marguerite's mother; his deposition is attested by J. Garnier, Justice of the Peace
Description: Copy of documents. 2 p.
Comments: Digal's deposition found on pp 23-24.
Title: Letter
Date: 1831-04-23
Volume: 6 Page: 179 (Microfilm reel MS-95)
Author(s): M.G. Clark, U.S. Ind. Agt, Kanzas Agency;
Recipient(s): William Clark, S.I.A., St. Louis;
Contents: U.S. Ind. Agent, Kanzas Agency (M.G. Clark) To Genl. W. Clark. Discusses wretched condition of the Kanzas Indians; their depredations; their war with the Pawnees; need for agricultural instruction; Agency is within the Delaware lands; discusses bad influence of Indian traders; wants annuities paid at Cant. Leavenworth; asks for plat of the half breeds' survey.
Description: Copy of letter. 2p.

Title: Letter
Date: 1831-05-16
Volume: 6 Page: 186 (Microfilm reel MS-95)
Author(s): Felix St. Vrain, U.S.I.A., Rock Island;
Recipient(s): William Clark, S.I.A., St. Louis;
Contents: U.S.I.A., Rock Island (Felix St. Vrain) To Genl. Wm. Clark. Lists persons occupying the half breed lands at the Des Moines Rapids; these lands should be purchased by the government, or relinquished to the half breeds in fee simple.
Description: Copy of letter. 1p.

Title: Letter
Date: 1831-06-28
Volume: 6 Page: 234 (Microfilm reel MS-95)
Author(s): Jon. L. Bean, U.S.I. sub agent, Sioux sub agency;
Recipient(s): William Clark, S.I.A., St. Louis;
Contents: U.S,I. sub agent, Sioux sub agency, Upper Missouri (Jon. L. Bean) To General Wm. Clark. Has arrived at sub agency after 68-day steamboat journey; discusses difficulties over apportioning of annuities for Yancton and Sanlie bands of Sioux; hopes to get quarters built before fall; asks about making out first half-year's accounts.
Description: Copy of letter. 2p.

Title: Letter
Date: 1831-08-12
Volume: 6 Page: 273 (Microfilm reel MS-95)
Author(s): L. G. Hopkins, New Madrid;
Recipient(s): William Clark, S.I.A., St. Louis;
Contents: L. G. Hopkins, New Madrid. To Genl. Wm. Clark. Writes on behalf of scattered bands of Shawnees, Delaware, Seneca & Creek Indians totalling 76 now residing in Missouri, who have been ordered by sub-agent Colonel Menard to remove to Kansas river; gives history of their settlement and stay in Missouri; unjustness of compelling removal; encloses affidavits.
Description: Copy of letter. 4p.
Comments: All affidavits agains removal of Indians may be found on pp. 277-279.
Title: Letter
Date: 1831-08-20
Volume: 4 Page: 255 (Microfilm reel MS-94)
Author(s): Wm. Clark, S.I.A.St.L.;
Recipient(s): Hon. Sctry. of War.;
Contents: U.S. Supt. Ind. Aff., St. Louis (Wm. Clark) To Hon. Sctry. of War. Encloses accounts, etc. for Superintendency for half year ending June 30, 1831; with explanations.
Description: Copy of letter. 2p.

Title: Letter
Date: 1831-10-06
Volume: 6 Page: 311 (Microfilm reel MS-95)
Author(s): Godfrey Lesieur, New Madrid, Mo.;
Recipient(s): Govr. John Miller;
Contents: Lesieur, Godfrey, New Madrid. To Govr. John Miller on behalf of small band of Indian of New Madrid county, whose chief is Chilitica. Thinks Stoddard county petitioners, who have asked for removal of these Indians, have dishonest motives.
Description: Copy of Letter. 2p.
Comments: See Stoddard County petition of Sep. 17, 1831. SIA v. 6., p. 309-310.
Title: Letter
Date: 1831-10-24
Volume: 6 Page: 318 (Microfilm reel MS-95)
Author(s): John Dougherty, U.S.I.A., Upper Mo. Agency;
Recipient(s): William Clark, S.I.A., St. Louis;
Contents: U.S. Ind. Agt., Upper Mo. Agency (John Dougherty) To Genl. Wm. Clark. Sends abstract of delivery of presents to Indians for first half of year.
Description: Copy of Letter. 1p.

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