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Title: Articles of agreement between William Clark for the United States and various chiefs of several Indian tribes
Date: 1836-09-17
Volume: 1 Page: 263 (Microfilm reel MS-94)
Author(s): Foxes; Ioways; Sacs; William Clark, S.I.A. St.L.;
Contents: Articles of agreement enteredand concluded at Fort Leavenworth...between William Clark, superintendent of Indian affairs on the part of the U.S. ... and the undersigned chiefs, warriors and counsellers of the Ioway Tribe and the bands of Sacs and Foxes of the Missouri (residing west of the state of Missouri) in behalf of their respective tribes. ...
Description: Copy of document. 3 pgs..

Title: Letter from Iaton (Otoe Chf), Hah.chi.gi.sug.a. (Mo. Chf.), Big Elk (Omahaw Chf.), Little Dish (Yankton Chf.) wit. by Jos. V. Hamilton To S.I.A.St.L. (Genl. William Clark)
Date: 1836-10-15
Volume: G Page: 27 (Microfilm reel MF-3166)
Author(s): Big Elk (Omahaw Chief); Hah.chi.gi.sug.a. (Missouria Chief); Iaton (Otoe Chief); Joseph V. Hamilton (witness to signatures); Little Dish (Yankton Sioux Chief);
Recipient(s): William Clark (S.I.A.St.L.);
Contents: Implores the President of the United States, through Clark, to survey lands intended for settlement by half breed Indians of the Otoes, Missouria, Omahaw, and Yankton Sioux tribes. Half breeds are reluctant to make improvements before this takes place.
Description: Copy of letter. 1p.

Title: Letter from Indian Agent, Fort Leavenworth (Jno Daugherty) To S.I.A.St.L. (William Clark)
Date: 1837-02-01
Volume: G Page: 38 (Microfilm reel MF-3166)
Author(s): Jno Daugherty (Indian Agent, Fort Leavenworth);
Recipient(s): William Clark (S.I.A.St.L.);
Contents: Reports numerous complaints & dissatisfaction with the way the U.S. government is treating Indians. States opinion that much of the trouble is caused by certain half breeds who drink too much and spread false tales to various tribes. Mentions that the government needs to help settle the problems through civilizing and Christianizing the Indians and the half breeds.
Description: Copy of letter. 3p.

Title: Letter
Date: 1837-05-22
Volume: 32 Page: 87 (Microfilm reel MS-99)
Author(s): George Maguire, Clerk offfic of S.I.A.St.L.;
Recipient(s): Mr. J. A. Harrelson, Independence, Mo.;
Contents: S.I.A.St.L. Clerk (George Maguire) To Mr. J.A. Harrelson. Contains letter answering the query by Mr. Harrelson, who had purchased a share of land from a half breed Indian. States that there is much confusion at this time as to legality. Suggests it might be good to hire a lawyer.
Description: Copy of letter. 1p.

Title: Letter
Date: 1837-06-09
Volume: 32 Page: 90 (Microfilm reel MS-99)
Author(s): Antoine Chenie, affiant; Henry Choteau, Clerk County Court of St. Louis, Mo.; J.P. Walsh, J.P., County of St. Louis, Mo.;
Recipient(s): William Clark, S.I.A.St.L.;
Contents: Antoine Chenie, affiant & J. W. Walsh, J.P. To S.I.A.St.L. (William Clark) Contains a differentiation between two half breeds known by Antoine Chenie: 1. Benjamin Lagotherie, whose mother was A Chippeway, and Benjamin LaGoterie, whose mother was a Sac or a Fox.
Description: Copy of letter. 2p.

Title: Letter from Ind Sub Agt, Council Bluffs (Edwin James) To S.I.A.St.L. (William Clark)
Date: 1838-02-15
Volume: G Page: 98 (Microfilm reel MF-3166)
Author(s): Edwin James (Ind Sub Agt, Council Bluffs);
Recipient(s): William Clark (S.I.A.St.L.);
Contents: Deals with work done in building the agent house, office, etc & the necessity of having funds sent speedily to pay the half breeds that did the work. Have had discussions with chiefs regarding emigration to the west or southwest of the Missouri River. They don't say much, but appear ready to talk. They have mentioned sending a delegation to Washington.
Description: Copy of letter. 1p.

Title: Letter from Indian Agent (Jno Dougherty) To S.I.A.St.L. (William Clark)
Date: 1838-06-01
Volume: G Page: 125 (Microfilm reel MF-3166)
Author(s): Jno Dougherty (Indian Agent);
Recipient(s): William Clark (S.I.A.St.L.);
Contents: Reports death of Louis Tincault, a half breed who was wanted (by Clark) for the murder of a man by the name of Blay. Tincault was killed by the Omahaws. Mentions trouble between the young Omahaws & the blacksmith & striker & the same with the teacher, who is a "bookworm" and quite removed from the real world.
Description: Copy of letter. 2p.

Title: Letter from Indian Sub Agent, Osage River (A. L. Davis) To S.I.A.St.L. (William Clark)
Date: 1838-09-10
Volume: G Page: 136 (Microfilm reel MF-3166)
Author(s): A. L. Davis (Ind Sub Agt, Osage River);
Recipient(s): William Clark (S.I.A.St.L.);
Contents: Acknowledges receipt of allotment for the first half of the present year. Points out lack of expenditure for Blacksmith & assistant smith to the Piankeshaws.
Description: Copy of letter. 1p.

Title: Letter from Geo H Grosman & J. W. Walsh To Acting S.I.A.St.L. (Geo Maguire)
Date: 1839-02-04
Volume: G Page: 149 (Microfilm reel MF-3166)
Author(s): Geo H Grosman; J. W. Walsh;
Recipient(s): Geo Maguire (Clerk & Actng S.I.A.St.L.);
Contents: Encloses letter from Ed Johnson requesting papers pertining to land granted to half breeds of the Sac & Fox tribes between the Des Moines & Mississippi River in the Iowa Territory.
Description: Copy of letter. 2p.

Title: Letter
Date: 1839-06-11
Volume: 7 Page: 17 (Microfilm reel MS-95)
Author(s): Joshua Pilcher, S.I.A.St.L;
Recipient(s): Major R.W. Cummins, Indian Agent;
Contents: S.I.A.St.L.(Joshua Pilcher) To Ind. Agt. (R.W. Cummins)Encloses duplicate of allotment of funds for your agency for the half year ending June 30; your funds will be transported by Major Davis; from these funds it is necessary for me to withold a sum sufficient to cover whatever requisitions you have drawn during this year; accordingly please furnish me a list of these requisitions.
Description: Copy of letter

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